Work shop ideas plus people who volunteered

(Ben Paton) #1

Introduction to lazer cutter - @RyRyPrime, @ian & @Rurik

Introduction to 3Printing - Paul (I am sorry I don’t remember you forum name)

Getting Started Raspberry Pi - @crashman39

Getting Started Arduino 0 @crashman39

Introduction to Radio - @jambulance & @Rurik - Currently on going first Monday of the month.

Board Game nights - @Amr_Tawfik

Lan Party - Committee to look at

Soldering Workshop - build i simple electric circuit as a job but the main idea is to teach people how to solder. - Needs someone to manage this.

(Derryn Harvie) #2

I could run some soldering workshop(s) if you’re looking for a volunteer. Just would take some time to organise the logistics of it.

(Ben Paton) #3

What do you need?

(Derryn Harvie) #4

Not sure, depends on the format, who’s interested etc.

Probably at least a two part venture:

  • Through hole and wires
  • Basic hand SMD.

So there’d be probably be two things to build, one non-SMD and one SMD. Possibly add a third ‘challenge’ board with more difficult things to solder. Components and PCBs are both cheap and quite straightforward.

Tools on the other hand are not so straightforward. I need to have a look at what MHV has available and in what condition.

(Ben Paton) #5

We have plenty of equipment as we run the hardware hacking village at the B sides conference. From memory there is a soulderinf station setup for about ten people.

(Derryn Harvie) #6

Cool. Is it all at the MHV space? Can I check it out Wed night?

(Ben Paton) #7

Yes, it is in the right hand side small room in the workshop. It is the box labeled B sides and the pink box next to it.

(Derryn Harvie) #8

Thanks Ben, I’ll check it out and come up with a plan.

(Amr Tawfik) #9

When are we doing these? Is it up to the specific organizers? Or is there a rough schedule?

(Ben Paton) #10

@Ian and I are going to look at the laser cutter stuff soon. I will contact him and see if he is free this week during the day todo that.

(Paul Carey) #11


I’m a broadcast engineer tech that did around 5 years solid soldering on printed circuit assemblies. I could probably run a workshop with some supplies.

I was meaning to make an appearance at electronics Wednesday but my laziness during this cold weather got the better of me.

I’ll strive to make an appearance at MHV to introduce myself. Just not sure when would best suit?

(Ben Paton) #12

Hey Paul,

Thanks for taking an interest in this, I hear you on the cold front it is nice just to stay at home sometimes.

We are open on Tuesday nights from around 6.30 until 9-9:30 depending on what is happening. Then there is also Electronic Wednesdays which is the same times.

Of other interest to you (or maybe not) there is a few of us who are into radio who are meeting up on the first Monday of the month. Currently we are studying for our full amateur licenses so it is a bit slow, however we hope this will grow over time.