Wicking beds

(ian) #1

Pallet planter box

~1100mm long
~550mm wide
~550mm high

Wicking bed example

Layers and parts

Links are for example only, some items can be sourced from https://www.cansand.com.au/2015-price-list/
, or scavenged.

Black plastic, agg pipes scoria, and inlet pipe

Added Weed mat, sand, and runoff pipe

Final, added straw layer, soil, and mulch

(Ben Paton) #2

(Ben Paton) #3

As a Incorporated body with an ABN it looks like we can get a cash account at Reece Plumbing. This means we should be able to get a cheaper price than retail for plumbing parts from there. I called them yesterday and they said I needed to go into a shop front to sort it out. When I get the chance I will do that unless someone else wants to do it before me.

(ian) #4

(Steve Kennedy) #5

Are you doing anything with the spare ones around the space?

(ian) #6

Spare ones?

(Steve Kennedy) #7

The ones that you have around the space atm or are they going to be extra beds for the space.

(ian) #8

The constructed boxes are for mhv, but I am open to alternatives as have been discussed via email.

The planter boxes are intended to help improve the space and make it more welcoming. I have made a good start on about five boxes, but with xmas and other life demands I have not had the time to progress further.

I would like to see the current boxes finished, then assemblage of another five.
@Rurik has found some varnish suitable to use, I have been working on current boxes and acquiring pallets for timer, but other materials required to craft wicking beds [on post above] have not been sourced and help would be beneficial.

I believe that transforming simple planter boxes into wicking beds will have a significant advantage by making the beds more robust and lower maintenance. Plants will be more likely to survive and thrive ultimately making the space a nicer place to occupy.

I have started raising some seedlings that I hope will make resilient and colourful additions to the space.

(Steve Kennedy) #9

Ok np i will have to find some pallets then :slight_smile:

(Steve Kennedy) #10

@Ian for the boxes did you use galv deck screws ?

(Steve Kennedy) #11

I have also calculated how much scoria i need for 4 boxes which is .332 of m3 (1100mm longx 500mm wide x 150mm high = 0.083m3 x 4) https://www.ginifab.com/feeds/cbm/cubic_meter_calculator.html

So talking ben yesterday we might all pitch in and get a 1 m3 of scoria from CSG at mitchell? Ref the link posted earlier in this topic

(Ben Paton) #12

I put the varnish in the space yesterday.

(Ben Paton) #13

$125 a cubic I don’t know how that translates into weight though which is a pitty because bunnings sells it by the 20kg bag.

(ian) #14

The screws where


(Steve Kennedy) #15

Thanks Ian

(Steve Kennedy) #16

Does anyone have a table saw ?

(Stephen Davies) #17

Yes, what are you planning on cutting?

(Steve Kennedy) #18

90x30 in half , the pallet stringers

(Steve Kennedy) #19


Bunnings at majura park $4.65

(Steve Kennedy) #20

Atm the planer has a nick in the blades i will try sharpen the blades tomorrow