What would you like to do with a pumpkin?

(ian) #1

Over the summer a couple large pumpkins grew. Currently they are sitting in the workshop taking space. They are not eating pumpkins so something else should be done with them soon. There are two available so two good ideas can be accommodated. I plan to keep some seeds, which I may retrieve before or after they are processed - depending on activity.

What would you like to do with a pumpkin?

(Andrew) #2

I’m willing to do up a Pumpkin beer for winter . . . that will only take about 5kg from that behemoth though

(Amr Tawfik) #3

I’m pretty easy but one option just to throw it out there because its easy, is to set it up on a table and paint a target on it and throw knives at it.

But to throw out a harder option: Could we strap some propellers on it and turn it into a huge RC boat?

(Ryan Mitchell) #4

I was thinking of hollowing one out and turning it into an RC car.
At very least it’d make transporting it somewhat simpler.

(ian) #5

@Andrew, the Pumpkin beer is a great idea. The smaller pumpkin would be better for this.

It still resides in the workshop so its accessible when ever the space is open. - Let me know if you need help getting it.