Wednesday 4 January: anyone opening this week?

(Paul Harvey) #1

I’ll update our schedule if we’re not opening this week, please let me know if you intend to come in :slight_smile:


(peter baker) #2


I can’t come in tomorrow (tues) but I could open wed night if needed


(Paul Harvey) #3

Thanks Peter! I have no idea if you’d be by yourself tomorrow night, but perhaps I could keep you company for an hour or two while I mess with the payphone project and help you with that forum upgrade

I’ve cancelled tonight (1+1 were RSVP’D on meetup), and removed Wednesday from the calendar/page. If you’re a keyholder, please let me know if you can come in after all :smiley:

Also, if you’d be interested in having a key, talk to us!

(ian) #4

I can come in tonight, at least for a little while.

(Derryn Harvie) #5

If it’s open Wed night I’ll come in, attempting (so far unsuccessfully) to get Pentoo to boot off a laptop hdd for SDR fun.

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #6

If the space is open then I will show up Wed.

(Paul Harvey) #7

So @jellyware, can you open up? Let me know :smiley: I may be able to come in but have yet to negotiate with family

(Paul Harvey) #8

D’oh, I can’t… it’s up to you @jellyware

(peter baker) #9

crappety crap crap. my plans have changed for tonight and it looks like I can’t make it. unless people wanna do electronics wed in a bar in woden. you could help me impress this lady I met, we could explore the aphrodisiac qualities of lead smoulder

(Paul Harvey) #10

Please let me know if we need to nominate any new keyholders @eyal @Harvs

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #11

Not a disaster. I consider tonight is off then - I always thought the first week of the year is iffy.

Though I’ll keep an eye on the forum and on twitter for the next hour or so.

(ian) #12

Just looked at
Not sure if all the systems are working or I lack the knowledge to operate them. The space probe hasn’t resulted in any obvious messages over the last couple nights.

Last night I mostly had the place to my self, a nice couple turned up for about half an hour, having found out about MHV on meetup. After a tour they seemed keen to return next Tuesday.
Tonight @Harvs joined me. He had a quick play with the server PSU’s. How to turn them on still hasn’t been solved and seems too much effort.

(Paul Harvey) #13

Hi @ian, I suspect the internet gateway PC in the back room with the 3D printers is off again… the power seems dodgy there (or it’s overheating?)

(ian) #14

I second @Harvs for a key.

(Paul Harvey) #15

Does @Harvs want a key? If yes, let’s keep nominations over in Keyholder Nomination