Update to Committee Dates for 2019: AGM and fourth Committee Meeting

(Ryan Mitchell) #1

Hi all,
This is a heads up in regards to ongoing discussions that have taken place over the last couple weeks about bringing forward the AGM and fourth committee meeting for a variety of reasons, primarily concerning MHV’s current financial state.
It has been decided that the fourth committee meeting, in preparation for the AGM, will be brought forwards to Tuesday, the 2nd of July, three weeks from now, with the AGM to follow on the third of August, one month later.

The full reasoning is probably a bit much for this post, however it has been discussed at length each Tuesday night over the last few weeks.
In short, MHV needs to undergo some structural financial changes in order to continue operating, and many in the committee and community think it would be best to implement them as early as possible in order to allow for the longest time for them to take effect, increasing MHVs chance of survival.

(Amr Tawfik) #2

I’ll be there at both! Thanks Ryan.