Tuesday 26 June (rescheduled from 12 June), 6.30PM: Tri-Weekly CryptoCurrency Evening - Automated Trading Bots

(David Lyon) #1

Thanks to all that attended the last meeting.

This evening we will look at Trading Bots for Crypto-Currencies and their performance compared to Buy and Hold.

(David Lyon) #2

I need to reschedule this.


The whole Market has moved downwards and I think interest is at a yearly low.

However, in a few weeks, BitCoin will be on the News in a big way as some of the large Financial Powerhouses in the United States start setting up Exchanges.

Here is the price for this week. Some say that it’s the last time that BitCoin will ever be below $10,000 so if you are interested in buying and you believe in buying the low, this week is a great time to do that.

I will be presenting the CryptoBot that I’m working on : https://github.com/clixx-io/pluton-cryptobot