Tuesday 22 May, 6PM: Tri-Weekly CryptoCurrency Evening - Introduction and setting up a Wallet

(David Lyon) #1

I’d like to invite all those that have heard about Crypto-Currencies and wish to
learn some more along to the first in a series of dedicated Evenings to the Topic.

The Entry cost to the Event will be a donation of either $5 or $10 which is up to the individual. Proceeds will simply go towards the cost of running the event and the Hackerspace. One of the goals of the evenings will be to build a small stash of crypto’s that we hope to go up in value and used to help MHV by the end of the year. Let’s see.

The first event will have a presentation on How to get started with one of the exchanges recommended of the top of the google search results (that I have no affiliation with other than having randomly chosen them).

Come, relax, have an opinion but be a bit surprised.

There’ll be some discussion on face scanning!

Not the Queens face on your crypto’s - but your own. Today’s kids will have their faces on the currency by the time that they are grown up. It’s going to be a whole new system.

See you there.

Tuesday 22 May, 7PM: Locksport!
(David Lyon) #2

Doing Ethereum with NodeMCU : https://hackaday.com/2018/05/10/simple-ethereum-vending-machines-with-nodemcu/

(Paul Harvey) #3

Oh no - I forgot to put this in the calendar and ended up booking the locksport with @MOF !

Unless @clixx_io is flexible, @MOF we may have to reschedule… I’ll buy whoever reschedules, a box of chocolates or bottle of something, sorry about this D:

(David Lyon) #4

I’m flexible and don’t have a problem for running the session from 6-7pm.

I will need somebody to Open in any case because although I am a keyholder, my current key was for the old space.

btw - this week the Consensus Conference is happening in New York at the New York Hilton. All the Movers and Shakers from the Financial World will be there. Let us see if it marks a Bull run on Crypto-Currencies for a few months like it has in other years.


(David Lyon) #5

Hopefully a KeyHolder can open at 5:45pm ?

(ian) #6

Yes I should be able to make 545.