Tool purchase proposal

(Ben Paton) #1

This air hose comes up for sale this Saturday, I think we should buy one for the space to make the air compressor more useful.

Further there are some other air tools available on the day, I think we should pass the hat around to get some. If you want to put some cash in please PM me so I can keep a tally.

I did buy a paint sprayer for the space the other month so we don’t need one of them.

(ian) #2

This would be awesome, the new compressor is too heavy and difficult to move round the workshop when trying to clean.

(Steve Kennedy) #3

I vote yes

(Amr Tawfik) #4

I vote Yes. Go for it.

(Ben Paton) #5

I have brought it and dropped it in the space. I haven’t mounted it to the wall yet, if anyone has an idea where it should go let me know.