Televideo 910

(Stephen Davies) #1

Hi all,
created a separate thread for the Televideo 910 terminal discussion.

Connected a terminal up to it this afternoon, settings are:
19200, 8, N, 1
plug is DB25 female but wired as DTE meaning
pin 2 is TxD (out)
pin 3 is RxD (in)
pin 4 is RTS (out)
pin 7 is signal ground.

Manual is here.

(Steve Kennedy) #2

thanks Stephen , that will work with an 232 adapter for the Pi

(Steve Kennedy) #3

I’m thinking that wednesday night will a good time to test the 910 On a pi… Are you willing to give it a go?

(Stephen Davies) #4


(Steve Kennedy) #5

Excellent , i will have the bits there