Sunday 27 May, 13:00: Committee Meeting

(Paul Harvey) #1

Notional agenda (I can’t attend as I will be overseas so please adjust this as you wish):

Things that require committee actions/decisions:

  • We’ve failed to hire an electrical contractor to make the improvements we need. Imagine an electrician is standing in the space right now, and all they have is a piece of paper. Write something down that would result in an accurate quote for what we want done.
  • Are we receiving invoices from ACTPG?
  • Have @csirac2_ & @jambulance fixed email yet? So the members database looks like it works? (it is recording membership updates, but errors out sending email confirmation)
  • Set a working bee date
  • Invitation to participate in Gammacon 4-5 August 2018

Things that need discussion or communication:


  • Any other things committee needs to do to support future workshops

FPGA meetup/workshop
(Paul Harvey) #2

Previous committee meeting: Saturday 9th December, End of Year BBQ - 12 Noon with AGM at 2pm

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #3

What’s this going to be about? :slight_smile:

(Paul Harvey) #4

Just that they must be at the space with a specific parent or guardian :slight_smile:

I should have written this differently: we have increasing interest from parents and schools, and I just feel we’re under-prepared to accommodate minors at this point. At the very least we just need some policy somewhere that specifies either that minors must be accompanied with parent/guardian, or we develop some more robust systems for having minors in our care for specific, planned events (Eg. workshops).

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #5

Thanks Paul! It’s great that this is going to be discussed.

I see the Hobart hackerspace does things/workshops for kids - often at non-hackerspace locations. It’s a neat idea :slight_smile:

(Paul Harvey) #6

Hobart Hackerspace is really cool - I plan to visit one day :slight_smile:

(Steve Kennedy) #7

Paul we changed the time to lunch and then committe meeting so 1300 start.

(Stephen Davies) #8

Misc agenda item - FPGA Workshop

Last week Electronics Wednesday featured my presentation “Introduction to FPGAs”. There was sufficient interest to progress to an FPGA workshop. I am currently planning a series of lab based sessions to run over several weekends, probably 2-4 hours once a month.

FPGA development boards can be expensive. Manufacturers offer significant discounts for students. I would like to approach Digilent (and possibly their Australian distributor BlackBox Consulting) for a group buy at academic pricing without having to provide a bunch of student ids. The justification for this will be along the lines of MHV being 1) community workshop 2) non commercial 3) self education purposes.

As I would be doing this under the MHV banner I seek committee approval.

Workshop attendees are expected to provide their own dev boards. MHV member funds are not sought or required.

(Jamie Reid) #9

Hi All,

I havn’t forgotten to upload the minutes, just focused on the WICEN event this weekend. Will get them cleaned up and uploaded next week.


(Jamie Reid) #10


Date: Sun 27 May 2018 15:51 AEST
Attendees: [Adam, Tony, Amr, Ben, Steve, Jamie]


  • Tony reports the paperwork for commbank tokens has been rejuected by the bank due to being filled out by hand. Tony has filled out the form again using the online tool and printed it. Committee members to sign. Tony will then process with the bank again.

    • Tony moves we, as a committee, accept the motion that we agree to logdge a combiz application for electronic banking tokens.
      • Steve seconds.
      • Vote passes unamiously.
  • Jamie raised the inspection report from ACTPG.

    • Cover the 240V relays at the door powering the Signs.
      • Adam points out this is 12V not 240V.
      • We will put a cover on it anyway.
    • Report to be collated for lights, powerpoints, etc for repairs to be sent to ACTPG for action.
      • Floorplan, circles. Listing problems.
      • Access needs to be clear.
  • Working Bee: Date picked 23 June 12:00 for lunch until we’re done.

    • Trailer tip runs
    • Clean up the right side of the garage
    • Clean up the outside area
    • Put on lunch.
    • Will be ruthless with chucking things. Need lots of comms.
  • GammaCON

    • Ben leading proposal writing.
    • Pis, MAME, 3D printer + tokens, Amr’s movie trailer, Arduino.
    • Should get a banner printed. More stickers? (At least take the stickers we have).
  • Cashflow, Membership

    • Email comms out to members about situation and calling for donations; explaining what finacial contributions mean for the space, and what a suggested amount is.
    • Would be good to have an understanding of regular contributions; could be a script to read the export from bank and provide general numbers/trend over the last while.
    • Do we need to start a budget, and start looking forward.
    • Starting to track the internet; both payments and usage.
    • Some system to understand what it costs to run the space
      • We would like to track things like the fridge stocking, internet, etc
      • Box in the space to throw reciepts into?
      • Recognising that these are a type of contribution.
  • Next committee/community meeting dates set, as well as AGM.

  • Jamie to organise meeting with Joffy on a Tuesday night 7pm to talk internet links.

  • CoC update to include explicit mention of supervision of minors by a legal guardian

    • Ben motion
      • Steve second
      • Passed unamiously
    • CoC updated
  • Working bee focusing on workshop. Layout, etc.

    • Material storage
      • Mark out bench areas

      • mark out working areas on the ground

      • building wheel pedistals for tools

        • running a metal welding workshop for the stands?
      • plan for the working bee

      • project plan for what has to happen to get us to a mill and lathe and how to get there

      • charging trolley

      • paint trolley

      • saftey board

      • AUDIT

        • what do we have
        • what do we want
        • what do we need
      • material storage solution (garden shed? pine/iron/shed type thing?)

  • Chief minister donation plan is still mill and lathe

  • Meeting closed at 2018-05-27 15:51

Saturday 23 June, 12:00: Working Bee!