Sunday 27 May, 13:00: Committee Meeting

(Paul Harvey) #1

Notional agenda (I can’t attend as I will be overseas so please adjust this as you wish):

Things that require committee actions/decisions:

  • We’ve failed to hire an electrical contractor to make the improvements we need. Imagine an electrician is standing in the space right now, and all they have is a piece of paper. Write something down that would result in an accurate quote for what we want done.
  • Are we receiving invoices from ACTPG?
  • Have @csirac2_ & @jambulance fixed email yet? So the members database looks like it works? (it is recording membership updates, but errors out sending email confirmation)
  • Set a working bee date
  • Invitation to participate in Gammacon 4-5 August 2018

Things that need discussion or communication:


  • Any other things committee needs to do to support future workshops

FPGA meetup/workshop
(Paul Harvey) #2

Previous committee meeting: Saturday 9th December, End of Year BBQ - 12 Noon with AGM at 2pm

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #3

What’s this going to be about? :slight_smile:

(Paul Harvey) #4

Just that they must be at the space with a specific parent or guardian :slight_smile:

I should have written this differently: we have increasing interest from parents and schools, and I just feel we’re under-prepared to accommodate minors at this point. At the very least we just need some policy somewhere that specifies either that minors must be accompanied with parent/guardian, or we develop some more robust systems for having minors in our care for specific, planned events (Eg. workshops).

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #5

Thanks Paul! It’s great that this is going to be discussed.

I see the Hobart hackerspace does things/workshops for kids - often at non-hackerspace locations. It’s a neat idea :slight_smile:

(Paul Harvey) #6

Hobart Hackerspace is really cool - I plan to visit one day :slight_smile:

(Steve Kennedy) #7

Paul we changed the time to lunch and then committe meeting so 1300 start.

(Stephen Davies) #8

Misc agenda item - FPGA Workshop

Last week Electronics Wednesday featured my presentation “Introduction to FPGAs”. There was sufficient interest to progress to an FPGA workshop. I am currently planning a series of lab based sessions to run over several weekends, probably 2-4 hours once a month.

FPGA development boards can be expensive. Manufacturers offer significant discounts for students. I would like to approach Digilent (and possibly their Australian distributor BlackBox Consulting) for a group buy at academic pricing without having to provide a bunch of student ids. The justification for this will be along the lines of MHV being 1) community workshop 2) non commercial 3) self education purposes.

As I would be doing this under the MHV banner I seek committee approval.

Workshop attendees are expected to provide their own dev boards. MHV member funds are not sought or required.