Space Opening: Tonight, 15th February 5PM till late + FREE RETRO GAMES

(Ryan Mitchell) #1

Hi all, I’ve got some bills to pay (I should probably stop saying that, it sounds incredibly boring), but I’ll be opening the space from around 5 onwards.

Here’s something that might be of interest:
Someone very kindly left one of our members their collection of video games, and he has donated them to the space. All members of the community are free to come in and have a look, and take what they please at no cost.

Non-mebers (as in walk-ins from the street who have never stepped foot in the space before, nor contributed to the space in any way) are requested to make a $5 donation for every game they take.

And let’s not share this publicly for now, there are only so-many games to go round, and I don’t want 200 people showing up (Well that would be cool, but with just me to manage them I’m guessing it’s not just our games that would disappear)

(Ryan Mitchell) #2

Sorry, phonecall ran out longer than I expected, be there soon

(Ryan Mitchell) #3

Space is now open.
There’s been an accident on Baldwin Dr and Chuculba Cres, you might have some delays getting her through there, but it’s mostly cleaned up now.

(Ryan Mitchell) #4

Fun night, sorted all the games into 5.25, 3.5 (and 3.5/5.25 bundles), CD/DVD (and 3.5 + CD bundles).

There’s some acrylic left out in the electronics/CNC room, I’ll come back tomorrow and cut it all down to laser-compliant size (Was too late to use machines at the time.