Space Opening: NOT Electronics Wednesday, now till 7PM+

(Ryan Mitchell) #1

Hi All,
I’m at the space doing some cleaning and chores, so if anyone wants to drop in for the next couple hours feel free.
I’m not calling this Electronics Wednesday because Crash isn’t here, and the space is in a bit of a, well, it’s a little unkempt, to say the least (hopefully I’ll be able to neaten it up a little)
Anyway, feel free to show up anytime between now and 9, even if you arrive at 8:59 I’ll keep the space open for as long as you want (Well, till midnight).
All the best, Ryan.

(Ryan Mitchell) #2

Strike that, I’ve got some errands to run, so if no-one arrives in the next half hour I’ll be closing. (Probably coming back after to finish the job but that’s up in the air

(Ryan Mitchell) #3

Space is now closed, I’ll be back in an hour