Space Opening Christmas Day: 5PM Onwards

(Ryan Mitchell) #1

Hi all,
I’ll be opening the space on the 25th for a general get together and social event for all those interested, I know some will be busy on Christmas, most, I imagine, but for those happy few of us who are at a loss for anywhere else to go, or would rather the company of the MHV community to [insert unfavourable family member here], it’ll be open tomorrow night.
(I do plan on spending most of the day there, but I’m tied up around lunch so I can’t commit to opening it the full day)

(Amr Tawfik) #2

Thanks for posting here! See you there :heartpulse::heartpulse:

(Ryan Mitchell) #3

Also Pizza. Who could forget the Pizza?
(My shout)

(Steve Kennedy) #4

Hey guys
Have a great day i will drop in in the arvo to save hi

(Steve Kennedy) #5

Thanks for openning its was good to hang out with you guys