Snail's future


The wonderful snail that would not have happened without your support is now being exhibited through Canberra! We have a couple more weeks of display and you can find our schedule of events here: including the meetup in the park with anybody from MHV who would like to come!

Now to the pressing item of where does the snail go next? Ben has some great ideas of trailering it into the middle of Namadgi National Park and leaving a set of orienteering clues to find it. Alternatively, a desert geocache… We are wondering if anybody else had any ideas of where we can store it or what we can do with it after March 22? We would love to use it again sometime in the future, so we are mainly looking at some place to store it. However if there is anybody out there who wants to buy the snail we would happily speak with them.

If anybody wanted to use it in exchange for storing it they would be most welcome to.

Let me know what you think and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!