Silly question: anyone know if there’s a smoke machine in the space?

I’m looking for a smoke machine for a project, again, on the list of things I have down Victoria but not here. I almost remember seeing one in the space somewhere, but can’t be sure.
They’re only $40, but I’d rather not buy one for a one-off project if there’s one in our trash pile somewhere.
(We could probably rename this thread to “who knows if we’ve got a…)

I’m half suspicious our resident film maker may have one, but I plan on somewhat butchering the remote for wifi control

Garage sale soon, friends. Soon.

The one that was at the space is mine and no longer there. I do use it, so you’d be welcome to borrowing it but I’m afraid “butchering” doesn’t sound great…

Well I could always build a thing for real, or I could just cheat and have someone off-screen push a button.
It doesn’t happen to have a long remote cord or a wireless controller, does it?

It’s trigger is cabled about a meter away from it if I remember correctly. How much distance do you need?
Also you’d be welcome to modify it as long as it still works at the end.

I’m thinking just doing it manually might be easiest then, but I’ll see.
I’ll get everything else I need ready then let you know if/when I’d like to use it.