Show and tell Tuesday. 7pm 21st January 2020

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Tuesday 21st we will be having a show and tell night.

Starting at 7pm, anyone can informally present projects or things they have done, or simply watch and listen. Bring along any projects etc you would like to share with a curious audience. Each presenter will have 5 minutes, followed by a question or two.

If there is enough interest we can also order pizza. Bring $10 if your hungry (~ half a pizza each) and make it known you would like pizza.

As usual everyone is welcome. The space will be available for members and contributing visitors general project needs, but please limit loud noise / fumes etc during presentations and eating.

Also, we need you to help show and tell continue running in future. Volunteers are needed to run show and tell nights. Its simple:
- Pick a Tuesday you are free for show and tell,
- Turn up sometime before 7,
- Ask if anyone wants pizza, and
- Coordinate presenters speaking for 5 minutes each.
You don’t even need to present anything of your own.

We are aiming for show and tell about once a month, so ~ten more volunteers this year would be ideal.
Hosting show and tell will help keep the space active and build community/membership. If you can host simply talk to the committee, or reply to this post and we will go from there.


I can’t make it, but will kick of the “show’n’tell” with progress update on my CNC mill, which thanks to an ex-MHV A0 inkjet printer, allowed me to change vibrating 8mm rails for solid 16mm rails, so now CNC cuts a lot better. Also starting to get the hang of FreeCAD & parameter driven designs, so starting to create/cut a fair few designs.
20200114_161739 finger joints & mounts holders


Is anyone else able to run this tomorrow night?
I may not be be able to make it tomorrow sorry.

This will go ahead as planed.