Show and tell Tuesday, 16/10/18 7pm

(ian) #1

Tuesday we will be having a show and tell night.

Starting at 7pm, myself and others will bring a project to informally present and answer any questions. Each presentation will have 5 minutes, followed by a question or two. We will order pizza so if you are hungry bring $10 (~ half a pizza each). Everyone is welcome to present or just listen and share pizza.

The space will be available for general making as normal, but please limit loud noise, fumes etc during presentations and eating.

(Amr Tawfik) #2

Awesome! I’ll be there and show off my very incomplete axe frame!

(Ben Paton) #3

Ill bring along and setup my dipole antenna that I made for my HF radio. It is pretty simple but I did build everything for it including printing the case for it. I am happy to plug my radio in and see if we can make some contacts but there is a lot of RF noise around the space so i don’t think we will.

(Steve Kennedy) #4

I’ll do a bit of a presentation on the Pi jams