Saturday 9th December, End of Year BBQ - 12 Noon with AGM at 2pm

(Tony Pack) #1

Make Hack Void is holding an End-of-Year Get together BBQ on Saturday 9th December from 12 noon. Come along for tour of the space, a chat, a drink and a sausage (w/ vego options) and stay for the AGM at 2pm. MHV is a volunteer run organisation - so if you have ideas about how the space can be used, improvements to what we do, or are interested in joining - please come along.

For the AGM - Financial Report for 2016-17 (prepared by Tony as treasurer and audited by Ben) is at

Sunday 27 May, 13:00: Committee Meeting
(Paul Harvey) #2


  1. @csirac2_
  2. @jambulance
  3. @devdsp
  4. @tpack
  5. @ian
  6. @crashman39
  7. @eyal
  8. @Ken_Taylor
  9. @Rurik
  10. @clixx_io
  11. @spanner888


  1. @mbainrot
  2. @Amr_Tawfik


President’s report (@jambulance):

  1. @devdsp - We ran a few music workshops
  2. @crashman39 says Wednesdays are very popular, new members including younger folks
  3. @jambulance and @devdsp thanked @ian for his contributions around the place, and LED projects
  4. @ian noted many other contributions from other members
  5. @rurik has been running a Monday LARP/reenactment night, it seems facebook ads have helped a little, plan to do some video stuff with @amr_tawfik, will reach out to Apple Ed who do video editing education stuff
  6. @csirac2_ glowforge update: nothing except an offer to upgrade at a discount (which we are not doing) Glowforge laser cutter update: shipping 2018-03-26
  7. @crashman39 notes most visits on wednesday night are interested in 3D printing
  8. Committee has been approached by CanberraUAV to run another workshop which we are happy to run with
  9. @tpack asked about general policy of having outside groups use the space, we will discuss later

Treasurer’s report (@tpack):

  1. @tpack thanks @rurik for auditing our treasurer’s report, we agree he satisfies the requirements by the association rules to be an auditor
  2. We are still holding a donation of $4000 from ACT Goverment
  3. Income was $8000 including for 2016-2017 FY
  4. Direct Expenditure was $9000
  5. Total including depreciation $14600-ish, this is due to a correction, read below…
  6. @rurik and @tpack both separately received independent advice that assets we keep on the books should be depreciated based on their usable life even though we’re not-for-profit; we’ve tried to represent the assets of the association at market value. We didn’t do that last year, or the last few years, this year’s report has corrected an ongoing over-valuation and the sudden drop in assets is due to this correction.
  7. Lots of discussion on appreciation; we haven’t valued donations; our insurance doesn’t cover assets. Accounting vs insurance values. For MHV, depreciation is about forming a semi-accurate picture of solvency and stuff. Not actual tax benefits.
  8. Asset register again? <$300 should be depreciated to zero immediately.
  9. @devdsp says we should do a walk-around to identify things >$300 that we need to keep track of over multiple financial years
  10. @spanner888 moves we accept the treasurer’s report, @jambulance seconds
  11. @tpack highlights that the new committee will have to sort out how we treat assets

Committee election

  1. @devdsp nominates himself for president (no objection)
  2. @jambulance nominates himself for vice president
  3. @tpack nominates himself for treasurer
  4. @csirac2_ nominates himself for secretary
  5. @jambulance nominates we move to accept office bearers, @devdsp seconds, no objections
  6. @jambulance nominates @rurik @Amr_Tawfik @crashman39 , no objections
  7. @jambulance thanks @eyal for his contributions to committee


  1. @jambulance moves to have the next community meeting in January, which includes the ACT Chief Minister’s donation on the agenda, as well as fundraising/financing discussions
  2. @tpack raises the point of physical record keeping, under the Association Model Rules, those rules specify a number of things including the requirement for physical record keeping and the location thereof. For things such as service of notice, and the exact wording implies we track physical membership postal addresses; as well as physical books of accounts etc.
  3. @tpack moves that we need address the differences in the exact wording of the model rules, versus our electronic record keeping realities. This may result in an amendment to our rules, or we will lobby for the model rules to be changed.
  4. No further business was identified
  5. @jambulance closes the AGM, declared complete

(Paul Harvey) #3

Follow-up discussions:

  1. @jambulance will update email aliases
  2. @ian raises the point that our lax membership hasn’t resulted in the cashflow we need.
  3. @clixx_io pitched a bitcoin fund; committee says we can’t do that with member funds, but members could separately run a pool, at the end of which the proceeds may become a donation to MHV
  4. @tpack notes our peak donations were $18k/yr, now we’re down to $4k/yr. We are at 19 contributing members. We have 69 members on the membership database. We sometimes hide legitimate costs because members are paying with their own money.