Saturday 4th November, 10am: Space Improvements day & committee meeting!

(Tony Pack) #1

Sorry for late notice!

This is our once a month (or so…) gathering to do things that make the space a better place. There’s a 30min committee meeting at 10:30am that people are welcome to attend, but feel free to come and work on your own stuff - especially if it involves ideas for improvements around the space. Sure to be multiple discussions, pizza for lunch etc…

Actions from previous space improvements day: Saturday 12 August, 10:00am: Space Improvements Day! Let me know if anything needs to be added.

  • does anyone have a trailer they can bring for tip run
  • general cleaning - kitchen/meeting room/workshop/3d Print room/outdoors
  • should we rotate the big table in the meeting room to make more space?
  • work out ventilation for welding area - or make a cart
  • make a list of items we should consider moving out of the space
  • @csirac2_ Fix JJ Richards - They haven’t invoiced us since 2016 - it seems @csirac2_ was misinformed. We call on an ad-hoc basis and they will invoice us – EDITED @csirac2_
  • @csirac2_ Fix iiNet still billing us
  • clean up the filing cabinet
  • @jambulance and @tpack will update the email aliases
  • @jambulance and @tpack ask ACTPG for any outstanding invoices - any response/follow up required
  • @jambulance Fix (@devdsp & @csirac2_ can’t login to maligun) MTA set up @devdsp @csirac2 @jambulance have access currently, migrated addresses off Mailgun.
  • @tpack Fix direct debit of utilities with ACTPG
  • @csirac2_ Fix the internet again
  • lathe/mill blocked on safety measures - what next…

Any other items?

(Jamie Reid) #2

Reminder that we have a sort of loose planning document here too:

(Paul Harvey) #3
  • I’ve rung JJ Richards and they will come to empty bins Monday. We need to leave the bins unlocked for Monday. It turns out that they haven’t billed us since I complained bitterly last time (2016), we’ve moved to an ad-hoc on-demand system! So we just ring them whenever we want our bins emptied. If we don’t call, they don’t bill us.

(Tony Pack) #4

That sounds unusually sensible…

Cheers, Tony

Tony Pack
Mob: 0407742737

(Paul Harvey) #5
  • Banking: @csirac2_ has a direct debit form that could be used for the utilities we keep struggling to pay
  • @tpack will investigate other banking options that are easier to authorize
  • @csirac2_ has called for bins to be emptied Monday, JJ Richards is all good - we just call when we need them ad-hoc, otherwise they don’t invoice
  • Lathe purchase: still waiting on alternate purchase proposal Lathe+Mill package purchase discussion
  • Lathe purchase: still waiting on identification and resolution of safety blockers - lockouts, system of induction, hazobs etc.
  • Review what membership entails: currently just join with email & agree to code of conduct, we need to amend it to say that members will operate equipment & use safe work practices that are established by the space.
  • Setting AGM date - early December - December 9?
  • @csirac2_ representing MHV at BSidesCBR, we’re running the Hardware Hacking Village


  • @tpack will get the auditor’s report done soon (announced by 25 November) for AGM to be held 2017-12-09 at 2PM, BBQ from 1PM, space open from 10:30am.
  • @Rurik organizing AGM BBQ
  • @csirac2_ you should ring iiNet, you utter chump.
  • @csirac2_ to unlock bins for pickup
  • @csirac2_ fix email
  • @Rurik will start doing Monday night meetups
  • @tpack & @jambulance fixing the website
  • @csirac2_ to give @Rurik social media access and whoever else wants it