Saturday 12 August, 10am: Space Improvements day!

(Paul Harvey) #1

This is our once a month gathering to do things that make the space a better place. There’s a boring 30min meeting at the start that people are welcome to, but feel free to come and work on your own stuff - especially if it involves ideas for improvements around the space.

Actions from previous space improvements day: Saturday 8 July 10:00: Space Improvements Day!

(Tony Pack) #2

Hi Paul, did you send this just to me by mistake? :yum:

See my comments below - hope it was a good turnout and productive day!

Cheers, Tony

Tony Pack
Mob: 0407742737

(Paul Harvey) #3

It was very briefly set to 12 July - it’s been set to a time that doesn’t require a time machine now :slight_smile:

(Jamie Reid) #4

I’ve updated @csirac2_'s post with what I know has been done.