Saturday 11th Feb

(Daniel Iglewski) #1

Hey guys,

just a pre-emptive notification that i’m planning to be at MHV Saturday after lunch for most of the evening.
I’ll be in the workshop side doing some woodwork.

I’ll update this when i’m actually headed there with an ETA.

  • Daniel

(Daniel Iglewski) #2

Sorry guys, just saw the AGM was on, let me know if you’d prefer i didn’t come.

(Jamie Reid) #3

No, please come :slight_smile: Everyone is invited to the AGM, and we’re planning to
have a general hack/clean/chat/whatever afternoon after the AGM too.

(Daniel Iglewski) #4

Hope the AGM went well.

My wife and extended family decided at 11am they wanted to do a coast trip.

Will probably show up some time this week or this weekend coming.

(Jamie Reid) #5

Hi Everyone,

It should be said we didn’t end up having an official AGM (although we did talk about a lot things for a couple hours) due to misunderstanding the requirements for the finance auditing.

We will schedule the AGM soon, for sometime in March (most likely), but there will definitely be at least two weeks notice :slight_smile: