Router build

Because I like spamming the forum with new threads, here’s the start of my CNC router build.

Like most things, the way to get something done is pay someone else to do it :slight_smile: So I designed the base (and there’s a few things I’d do differently) and had a local fab shop make it for me. I think they did a pretty nice job, certainly better than I could have.


Looks fantastic. Have you put winding sticks over it yet?

Thanks, they’ve done a pretty good job in getting it square, level and flat. I just have a 1.5m straight edge that I went over it with and it’s well and truly flat enough to mount a spoil board to and skim.

The biggest down fall was part of my design, putting the corner posts on the ends of the side beams that the plate with the linear rails are going to mount to. The side would have been smoother had I continued the side beams all the way to the end (and made the corner posts shorter.)

I was thinking looks like nice solid base with welding waaay out of my league… then I looked at the door behind it … and thought HOW BIG IS THAT???

Yeah the welding and squareness is way out of my league too, hence I paid someone else to do it! Worked out cheaper than my time as well.

It’s only a single car door :slight_smile:

It’s designed to get a bit around the outside of half a 8x4’ sheet. So the base dimensions are 1300x1500mm.

Looks good Derryn

Below is most of the stuff I’ve bought so far for the CNC build. Might help some planning their own build:

Linear rails for the x & y:
4x Hiwin guide rails HGR20 - 1550mm long & matching dustcaps
8x Matching linear bearing HGH20CA

Ball screws:

  • 2005 C7 ballscrew and nut - 1500mm long ,
  • matching ball nut housing
  • matching end supports (such as BK/BF15)
  • matching coupling to NEMA34.

2x Drag Chains 35x100mm - 2m long

That lot cost $1170 landed.

2.2kW spindle kit with bracket, VFD, pump and cooling line, & ER20 collet set.

Spindle kit cost $470 landed.

3x NEMA34 steppers, 13NM. Cost ~$320 inc freight.

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Very nice!