Retractable power cords

So I saw these at Costco, I think two or thee of them placed strategically in the workshop would solve a lot of problems.


Yes I do believe it would, it was going to be a suggestion at some point.
What sort of length would you be thinking of?

These ones are 17m and are on sale until the 1st.

Are you thinking instead, or in addition, or a midway (instead of x only y) new power points in the workshop?

One of the short term solutions talked about was putting two/three power points on the roof of the workshop. Then a matching number of extendable power cords off that.

If we put two in the roof and then one by the door we would have a large capacity in the short term.

I think that is an acceptable solution.
Also; would it be possible for you to purchase one for my personal use?(obviously I’ll give you the fund for it)

More than happy to grab one for you, we can work out money stuff at some point (I am not to worried about it do don’t you stress about it)