Quadcopter workshop - It lives! (11 Dec 2015 to 13 Dec 2015)

(Paul Harvey) #41

Hey @ManicDee, do you still have those pics around? Would be great to get them up :smiley:

(Alex Satrapa) #42

Oh yeah! I will get to those after Wednesday opening tonight!

(Alex Satrapa) #43

Complete album here (28 photos, mostly from Sunday) https://manicdee.smugmug.com/MHV-Quadcopter-Course-2015/n-jkdq65/

I only got around to taking photos after I’d managed to get my quad flying, so apologies to folks who didn’t get caught by the magic eye box.

(Paul Harvey) #44

Awesome work, thanks Alex! Is it OK if I share copies of these images on the MHV social media accounts? Linked back to this album of course :slight_smile:

(Alex Satrapa) #45

The album might disappear at a later point in time, you may want to download any of the pictures that you are particularly interested in.

But as far as redistribution is concerned, knock yourself out :smiley:

(Paul Harvey) #46

Fantastic! Here’s a few for prosperity then - source https://manicdee.smugmug.com/MHV-Quadcopter-Course-2015/n-jkdq65/: