Quadcopter workshop - It lives! (11 Dec 2015 to 13 Dec 2015)

(Stephen Dade) #1

After a discussion on the CanberraUAV mailing list, a few of us have decided to start running the build-your-own-quadcopter workshop again.

We’re aiming to run it in December 2015.

At the moment we will research parts/costs and should have some more definite details in the next week or so. Cost is likely to be in the $500-$1000 range

If anyone’s interested in participating, let us know! :slight_smile:

(Alex Satrapa) #2

Just spit-balling: would the type of quadcopter you/we build in the workshop be suitable for lofting a ~120g 3G/WiFi modem up to about 20m and holding station (within a box ~2m on a side) for 10 minutes or so?

(Calum) #3

Hey Stephen and others,

The quadcopter I built in this course a few years ago was unfortunately
stolen recently. While I don’t have the money to do the course again, I do
still have the battery charger and both controller and flight batteries
that were purchased as part of the workshop. I’m now looking for a buyer
for these, so they could reduce the shipping cost of the workshop parts if
they’d still be similar enough to what will be used this time, otherwise if
anyone who also did that workshop would like to buy them off me let me know.


(Stephen Dade) #4

@ManicDee, yes the quadcopter could certainly do that in low wind conditions.

@Talsidor - we’d likely be using different parts this time. Sucks that it got stolen :frowning:

(Stephen Dade) #5

We’ve now got some definite dates for the workshop: 11-13th December (Fri-Sun).

Is the committee OK with us using MHV for the workshop on those dates? There’d be 10-15 of us there. We’d use the large workshop downstairs.

As for cost/payment/registration - this will be coming in the next couple of days.

(Paul Harvey) #6

I hope I can speak for the rest of the committee when I say, hell yes. Workshops are always welcome, especially for things that fly :smile:

Did you want any help promoting the workshop? I’ve finally figured out our twitter/facebook/meetup.com accounts.

(Stephen Dade) #7

Thanks @csirac2_! We should have a registration and details page up and running by the end of the week.

(Aaron Theodore) #8

sounds interesting will be keen on the ‘definite details’

(Stephen Dade) #9

And now we have some definite details:

The workshop will be held at MHV from 6pm 11/12/15 to 4pm 13/12/15 (building Friday evening and Saturday. Flying on Sunday)

The workshop will cover how a quadcopter is built, set-up and flown.

It will be run by CanberraUAV members James Pattison, Peter Barker and myself (Stephen). Note I will not be at the workshop itself, due to my being in Geraldton at that time. I will be providing background assistance and planning to James and Peter.

There are 15 spaces available at the workshop.

Cost is variable (from $265+), depending on options chosen. The options are:
-A small (250mm) quadcopter “racer”
-A small (250mm) quadcopter “dronie”
-A medium (550mm quadcopter
-Optional FPV kit
-Optional beginner’s kit (if you don’t already have RC gear)

We’ve set up a temporary webstore to register/pay for the workshop:
(Click on “Workshop Kits” in Product Categories, pick one and pay for it, and you’re registered!)

Hope to see you there!

Dec 11, 2015 06:00PM: CanberraUAV quadcopter workshop
(Paul Harvey) #10

(Paul Harvey) #11

Good stuff! I also created the event on the google calendar, put it on http://www.meetup.com/MakeHackVoid/events/226628214/ and will make a couple of reminder tweets about it from the MHV twitter account at a more reasonable hour.

If you’d rather I undo any of that or want me to make changes just let me know.

(Alex Satrapa) #12

There are two receivers listed: what are the differences between them? Why would I pick the FrSky D4R-II over the OrangeRX, for an extra $16.30?

At first glance the FrSky D4R-II is the one to use if you use the Turnigy 9XR as part of the beginner’s pack … but then there’s a FrSky V8FR-II apparently included in that pack? Is one of those a telemetry transmitter while the other is a remote control receiver? It looks like the D4R-II is a 4-channel+SBus receiver while the V8FR-II is an 8-channel receiver with no SBus. I guess that accounts for the difference between them.

Is there a kit to add FPV to the X535?

And is there a on-screen-display overlay module available that can add telemetry (position, altitude, wind speed, etc) to the FPV used in this workshop?

(Aaron Theodore) #13

I too would be interested in the differences over the receivers

(Stephen Dade) #14

In regards to the differences between the receivers, the FrSky is a bit better quality (and link range). Other than that no major differences (apart from what @ManicDee has already mentioned)

The FrSky pack includes both transmitter and receiver modules.

The FPV kits will work on the X535, just add it to your package.

Yes, there is a way to add a telemetry overlay to the FPV. Use this: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-minim-osd-quick-installation-guide/

(Alex Satrapa) #15

Is the video camera and video transmitter available as a separate kit, or do we need to sources that ourselves? I have no idea what camera/transmitter set you’re using: every site I’ve searched turns up the ImmersionRC video transmitter, which looks different to the workshop model and specifically mentions that it can’t work with 32Ch receivers like the SkyZone FPV 5.8GHz 32CH RC832.

I can see the FPV Starter Kit which is just the receiving end (screen, AV receiver, goggle-mount). Add the TS58500 ($52.50) or TS832 ($88.84), longer range antennas and a GoPro Hero to the drone for live and recorded video. There are no doubt cheaper options (especially since the GoPro Hero is going to be as much money as the drone), but if you’re going to use a GoPro to record HD, may as well use its composite video output and save the weight of a separate FPV camera.

And that smell of burning plastic is my credit card melting in anticipation … I think I’ll start with the drone and add FPV later when my bank balance has recovered.

PS: for my future reference the Minim OSD is available from HobbyKing for around $30 plus shipping.

PPS: for future reference the X525 battery is the Turnigy 2650mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack from Hobby King

PPPS: $820 dollarydoos entry fee to the club :smiley:

(James Kozanecki) #16

How n00b friendly will the course be? I understand the fundamentals of quad copters, but I have no background in programming or any of the coding to get something like this up in the air.

(Stephen Dade) #17

@ManicDee, you will have to source the parts yourself as our webstore isn’t set up for that particular domination of parts (but now we know for next time!)

@Aussie_Kozzy: the workshop is aimed at noob-level. No previous experience necessary.

(Alex Satrapa) #18

Do I need a HAM license to run this kind of transmitter?


There’s no mention of licensing on the HobbyKing site.

(Paul Harvey) #19

5.8GHz should be an ISM band. My ACMA-fu is failing me right now but from memory, if it’s properly class-licensed (which it will be if the retailer is doing its job with RCM/regulatory compliance marking laws), a 5.8GHz device doesn’t require any special apparatus license as long as it meets class license requirements.

“Maximum power” isn’t a completely straight-forward thing for many class-licensed bands (beyond a certain level it must conform to frequency hopping/instantaneous power/bandwidth requirements etc), but IIRC it goes up to to 4 watts EIRP (i.e. radiated).

(Stephen Dade) #20

That’s exactly correct @csirac2