PS3 CFW and updates

(Ryan Mitchell) #1

It looks like we’ve recently had a PS3 donated, I’ve done some searching and it looks like it’s on hardware and software revisions capable of Custom firmware (allowing for things like emulators, homebrew, otherOS/petiteboot/Linux), so, if there are things we’re interested in, I employee everyone NOT to update the console, or connect it to the internet for the time being.
As it is ostensibly @crashman39’s console, it’s probably up to him to make the final call, but if all else permits I think this can be a fun little project.
(Gotta finish up adding safetys to the laser first, however)

(Steve Kennedy) #2

Its was donated to MHV it’s not mine …read the post donated stuff…Donated Stuff.

As to hacking the ps-3 i have no probs.

And yes interlocks first…

(Ryan Mitchell) #3

Fantastic, I’ll be doing the interlocks this weekend, so I’ll see if I have time for it after that.