Printober - help win a 3d printer

Bilby 3D is running a competition to win a 3d printer.

If you would like to try and win a printer check out the competitions here

I have entered in the ‘Flashforge finder’ competition. If you like my entry better than the rest could you please vote for it by clicking the ‘void for this entry’ button.



Some photos

This pot was a going away present for someone who liked Jazz, and leaving their job.

This pot was for someone going through a bit of a rough patch who liked native birds.

These pots can be found at the Studio No. 7 cafe - Oracle building Belconnen Way. Run by Joy who came to MHV a little when it was next to the lake.

This is my next pot to make, to say thank you to a friend who is Chinese.


For anyone who would like there own I have attached the scad files. (3.0 KB)

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I went to vote again today, but voting is closed. When are results out? Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

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A big thankyou to everyone.
It was actually quite touching to see.
Not only made top 10 (required to be considered by judges), but managed 5th spot!


I found out the results.
Congrats to the Sydney guy - who plans to print things and leave them around the place.


Lame! We’ll have to do a gofundme for you :slight_smile:


Thats sweet, but there are much more deserving causes in the world.
I would have left it at the space anyway and I don’t know if we have room or the need for another printer right now.