Planer - saw


I was asked (some time ago) to look at fitting a new pulley onto the saw shaft.

It was suggested that the pulley shaft hole needed to be enlarged.

However, I have decided real issue was a totally stuffed and now almost non-existent thread, including some burrs, as shown in photo.

EDIT: Also measurements showed new pulleys at least 0.1mm larger than shaft, so should fit as is.

So I have already done some light filing and both new pulleys nearly fit. Before final fitting need to sort out the worn existing woodruff key AND a different thickness to the new pulley. So I have bought some new woodruffs and ground/filed to hopefully fit.

Next up is adding a new thread for lock nut. I need a nut and matching die for anything around 15.5, 15 or 14mm or similar dia imperial (<< 5/8").

Does anyone have either or both?