Pick and Place build

I’ve talked to a few people about a larger CNC router I’m kicking off building, but there’s a week or two before enough parts for that will arrive before I can start in earnest.

In the meantime I thought I’d use the parts I had laying around for a few years to have a go at a pick and place. Having seen how commercial P&P machines are built, I’m under no illusion that this is going to be anything special. However it’s an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of OpenPnP.

So below is where it’s at so far. Top frame is welded up, X axis rails and ball screws mounted. Bracketry for the X steppers is done and one mounted.

The MDF brackets on the Y axis are laser cut test pieces to work out all the mounting holes and spacing. I’m undecided about whether to route them out of al plate or just some nylon or ABS plate.

For the pickup head I’ve bought the same stuff pretty much everyone else does, a hollow shaft NEMA 8 stepper with an adapter to take JUKI pickup nozzles. That part should be pretty hassle free.


Looking good.

What are your plans for feeders?

Are you looking for others to join in or even supply parts?

I too am into making CNC and PNP - but both are a bit odd ball. Have also just spent a lot of time fixing & upgrading a cheap 3040CNC for the Belconnen Men’s Shed.

Have a range of parts on hand (steppers, mounts, drivers, belts, pulleys, lead screws, cameras, …) which can maybe be contributed, or in some cases on loan…

Feeders are always an interesting question.

I see Yamaha CL feeders (second hand and clones) are available for about $50USD on Taobao, but for most of the stuff I do proper feeders for reels would only be useful for maybe 5 parts (decoupling caps and a few resistor values).

I think for starters I’m just going to make trays and some sort of strip feeder. Maybe have a go at a drag feeder arrangement as well. Not sure yet.

This build’s just going to be a bit of a hack at home for me to experiment with different ideas, but I’d be interested in contributing to some sort of CNC project for the space. Would be nice to have some CNC tools beyond 3D printing available at the space.

Hi Derryn,
Have you seen http://openbuildspartstore.com/ ? The c-channel profile looks interesting.

Looks good Steve. Have you seen if for sale in any of the Oz shops?

Those guys have some interestings stuff but being American the shipping is horrendous.

Looks like http://www.makerstore.com.au/ are stocking the opens builds products.

The edge banding tools I mentioned are here https://www.carbatec.com.au/power-tools/edgebander-and-trimmers/end-trimmer.

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If you need OpenCV camera stuff done let me know.

This is what I do for a day job doing perspective-unwraps for cnc equipment.

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Thanks for the offer. At this stage I’m going to use OpenPNP, which in theory the openCV stuff is already integrated. Albeit there’ll be some camera tuning to do.

That pic looks pretty cool, when are you next going to visit the space? Be interesting to hear about it.

Hi Derryn,
couldn’t make it along tonight. Wanted let let you know that I’ve decided to go with the open builds c beam mill. Have ordered the parts from Makerstore. May have something to show next week.


Sounds good. I’ll be interested to see what you end up with.