PCB Mill Results

(Stephen Davies) #1

Got a usable PCB out of the new mini cnc mill today. A bit ragged around the edges, a 1/8” end mill is obviously a bit too big for the spindle.

Will apply what I’ve learned from this to the two pcb mills in the space.

(Max Bainrot) #2

That is awesome!!! top work Stephen

The holes close together in the bottom left are 0.1"?

Mind if I ask what is the workflow/tool chain you used?

(Steve Kennedy) #3

Nice work Stephen :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

(Stephen Davies) #4

yes, holes are spaced 0.1". The 3 inline holes (x4) are for small signal transistors in a TO92 case (BC548). The larger holes are for PCB stakes. The rest are passives. I made the tracks 0.024" wide and they get expanded a little by the tool.

Schematic and board drawn up using Eagle v6.5. Obsolete but does the job. I’ve been using this tool for years and have a custom library that I am kind of invested in.

The mill has a generic Chinese control shield and an Arduino Nano. Runs GRBL 1.1. For the UI I am currently using Chilipeppr with the jpadie workspace. Chilipeppr has a bunch of plugins, one of which knows how to transform Eagle board files into G code. Simply drag and drop the .BRD file into the workspace, simplzzz.

Will probably do a demo one Wednesday night, once I am convinced it won’t be a repeat of the last demo :wink:


(Stephen Davies) #5

Not a great photo but this is the final result:

(Steve Kennedy) #6

Looks good

(Carlos Peco-Berrocal) #7

Awesome !!!