Paint for the space


I have confirmed there is a lot of paint available for free (in fact just stopped lots being thrown out).

Most, but not all is in photo, most is available, but maybe not all.

If you want to inspect, I can arrange anytime as I have a key. If you just want me to bring all, can do that as well.

Maybe colours can be mixed to allow painting larger area the same, or just to use as undercoating for exterior.

Strongly suggest collecting ASAP, as the main shed guy likes to throw stuff out…

Also if any paint taken is not wanted, can now dispose for free at Mitchell (some limit on qty).

(Ben Paton) #2

Sure when and how do we pick these up?


Thursday 9-3pm is good, otherwise I have a key, so we can set jointly convienent time. PM me your preferences.

…and sorry 1st reply went awandering…

(Ben Paton) #4

As in the shed is open in those times? I am usually busy with uni on Thursday but may be able to swing by and get it between things. If not we can work out another time. I can be free most days between 10-2

(ian) #5

I can also probably make time if that helps.


How about I get it all sorted out (acrylic/oil/varnish based, keeping/giving, …). Pretty busy ATM, but will do that by Thusrday at latest. Also prob best if I remove it from the shed (space issue as well as making sure not disposed of) and then I can drop of somtime soon, or someone collect from Page if you want sooner.


Well I managed to collect all unwanted paint, including nearly empty tins and unwanted gyproc filler etc into boot of my car. Hopefully things a bit less hectic today/weekend, so I can drop off, the most likely to be useful tins at the space sometime.

When is space likely to be open over next few days?

ps unwanted paint can now be disposed of for free at Mitchel/Mugga lane. Some limit, like 3 cans/person.

(Ryan Mitchell) #8

I can open the space later today if you’re able to drop it off, name a time and I’ll be there.
Otherwise not sure.
It’d probably be easiest if you gave a time that suited you and a keyholder just opened the space, as otherwise it mightn’t be opened 'till Tuesday.


Thanks for the offer of today. Anytime 1ish to 5ish suits so at your convenience…

(Ryan Mitchell) #10

How does 3 sound?


excelent - see you then, thanks

(Ryan Mitchell) #12

I’ll see you then.