Open Source IoT Development IDE and Communicator for NodeMCU / Arduino /Raspberry-PI

(David Lyon) #1

After much work on NodeMCU I felt that I’d do my own IDE for it and the Raspberry Pi because I felt that many development environments were lacking.

So I’m now aiming to complete this project as a Training Teaching Tool for using NodeMCU, RIOT and other IoT projects.

Here is the link to the Repository - I’m doing it as Open Source.

I’ve taken some Qt example projects and I’m modifying it all up to get it all to work together.

The basic features are to be:

  • Integrated Communications window for all types of Serial and Packet data
  • Support for GNU ‘Make’ type tools
  • Support for NodeMCU
  • Made with Qt and runs on RaspberryPi, Windows, Linux, OS-X
  • will have some advanced features - those are coming when the basics are done.

(David Lyon) #2

I now have a hopefully not too obscure Toolbar:


With the following toolbar buttons:

  • Welcome
  • Save
  • Devices
  • Logic
  • Connections
  • Build
  • Run

I want to have it ready before I go back to Japan to show friends there.

(David Lyon) #3

The next step is building the GPIO setup.



Which then gives a GPIO map for your particular processor board:


The next step will then be building in the logic to allow you to assign pins, rename them and perhaps move them and use them in code.