Open Builds C Beam CNC

(Stephen Davies) #1

Finally made a decision on which CNC mechanism to use. The parts arrived this afternoon.

I’ve gone with the Open Builds C beam design, 500x500x250. There are several excellent videos on utube.

Plan to work on this over the weekend. I’ll bring something along for next weeks electronics Wednesday.

(Stephen Davies) #2

Aluminium Cut Complete

(Stephen Davies) #3

(Stephen Davies) #4

A home made saw table with calibrated stops makes it easy to cut repeatable lengths.

(Andrew) #5

looks great, what kind of CNC machine is it going to be?

(Steve Kennedy) #6

well it will be good to see some more on Wednesday


(Chris Small) #7

This thing would be awesome for pattern-making. And it’s reasonably priced as a kit. I like the look of it and could be tempted:)

(Stephen Davies) #8

Hi, it’s a mill. Roughly 400x350mm on the X and Y. About 100mm on the Z.

(Stephen Davies) #9

Has been a month since the last update. The mechanical build is nearly complete.

(Stephen Davies) #10

Hi all,
it has been some time since my last post. I am pleased to say the mill in now operational and I am making my first parts.

I’m blogging about the progress here:


(Steve Kennedy) #11

Hi Stephen
looks great , i may have a project for you , i will show tomorrow night :), if your able to do it we be able to help the Kids at Kaleen High