Now Fixed- Laser Cutter Out of Service -Now fixed

(Ryan Mitchell) #1

Just a heads up, on Sunday I found the laser cutter in a failed safe condition.
Whilst I planed on repairing it tonight, time was not permissive. A permanent repair will most likely be installed tomorrow.
Until the repair is completed I request that members do not attempt to use the device or defeat the safety mechanisms.

While the devices failsafe isn’t operable, it has failed safe, and unless tampered with, is of no risk.

A friendly reminder that is is preferable not to leave the machine plugged in as someone may accidentally energise the device. Switches are tempting things to flick when you don’t know exactly what it is they do, especially for children who from time to time visit the space.

Apologies for any inconvenience that may have been caused, however I only found the device in this state on Sunday myself.

(Steve Kennedy) #2

thanks ryan

(Steve Kennedy) #3

Is the cutter back in service?

(Steve Kennedy) #4

The laser cutter is now usable.
Thanks to Ian for his hard work to get it running

(Ben Paton) #5

Thanks @ian