Nov 10, 2015 06:00PM: Committee Meeting Notes


  • Peter
  • Declan
  • Adam
  • Paul
  • Jamie

Adam found the Asbestos survey. It suggests the walls are asbestosy. We now need to approach the idea of getting a community grant from the perspective of definitely having asbestos removal costs.

Other grant ideas:

  • TV/Projector for upstairs and downstairs
  • 3D Printer (a rounded corners one)
  • Wall removal
  • Weather monitoring
  • 3-phase power sensing
  • Site security
  • Amateur radio projects, (WebSDR, VHF/UHF satellite tracker), etc.

Current space TODOs:

  • approach Jack to see if we can go about organizing a day to do the installation of the bird blocker.
  • cost of repairing fridge; or dispose of it
  • rubbish
  • mount hte pinboard
  • Fix SSIDs

Quad-copter TODOs:

  • remove/sort/process junk

IT Infra:

  • Web/forum infrastructure

for the 3phase power monitoring I propose we try:

enmonTx v3, three current clamps, direct wired to a raspberryPi

For best results (full real power calculation) we would want a GPO installed in the switchboard, so would need to get an electrician in to quote for this, and to safely add the current clamps.

I can try to get a quote for this if the committee is keen to progress this.

It would be useful to have access to the key for the external switchboard/meterbox, if i was to get someone to show up for a quote, as it may be easier/cheaper to do the monitoring at that point than the internal one.

Also if i am getting quoting done is there any other pressing electrical modification needs?
e.g. adding in those 32A outlets

What are some of the options of 3d printers you would suggest?

It would be nice to support one of the open source manufactures

But is this rounded enough?

Also +1 on SDR stuff

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Which fridge needs repair/replace?

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The large one downstairs that we used to use for drinks apparently no longer runs.

This is neat @csirac2_ :stuck_out_tongue:

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ACARS and ADS-B receiver should be next on the list… we should have a giant ops screen on that abandoned monitor array, haha.

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If no one else wants to take a look at the web/forum infrastructure i’d be interested as it would give me an excuse to learn docker.

Just don’t expect me to do it quickly as i am a little time poor at the moment.

I’d be happy to get you access to the VMs, and we should step through doing the upgrade together perhaps.

For the record, something productive was also achieved: @devdsp fixed our toilet roll holder with AMAZING 3D PRINTERING SUPERPOWERS !


Might take a look at powering the monitors tonight :slight_smile:

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