MHV Infrastructure Night

Hi all,
The space will be opening at 5PM tonight for an infrastructure evening.
Just to spend a couple hours completing a small, achievable task by however many people show up.
Hopefully, infrastructure nights will mean that time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays isn’t spent focusing too much on the space itself, and can instead be spent enjoying personal or community projects.
Feel no obligation whatsoever to show up, this isn’t a working bee, but using infrastructure nights to complete frequent, smaller projects related to the space may eventually supplement the need for working bees at all.

Maybe this should wait until after the AGM as this is a topic to be discussed as part of general business. We do not want to anticipate any outcome.

No, it only requires a single individual taking individual action to better the space. There’s no reason people should be stopped from completing small chores if they so desire.

The space is now closed

Your work @RyRyPrime? Noice!

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…A work in progress. You’ve saved me from having to upload the photos now.

I’d rather have a quick and dirty functional space probe that works for now than spend excessive time on repairing the high quality, polished original, so I decided to build a backup unit.
Once it’s working and more important projects are finished, I’ll get the original working again.
For now, I hope this will suffice.
(Does anyone happen to have the twitter credentials/API keys? If they’re on the rackspace servers I can grab them from there, but if they were running locally on the router/firewall/proxy then I don’t believe I’ll be able to access them without trouble.)
Some pics anyway:

In other news, I took a few snaps of the outside of the space to update our homepage with, here’s some candidates:

Seems like the CSS is dimming the lighting a little, and in these images I don’t have that much to spare, but I’m happy anyway.

So how are you hooking it to twitter ?

I believe the keys etc were on the server. I think I have credentials for it, next time I’m in the space I’ll boot it up and see if I can recover them.

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Direct webAPI access.

Thanks, I appreciate it.
(I couldn’t recognise the email address associated with the account so this may be the easiest option.)