MHV Community Meeting Minutes for 10/02/2020

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for taking so long to get this up - I changed the way I take notes during the meetings (I used a pen instead of typing directly into the computer) and it meant that I needed to type them up - which ended up taking me a lot longer than expected (around work, and other commitments).
Next meeting I’ll go back to typing directly into a doc! :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some big things discussed in this meeting that I expect will spur discussion.
We have reached a point where we need to explore what being a member of MHV means, and the member’s present on the evening (remember, we have Community meetings, not committee meetings) began brainstorming some options.

The next meeting will be advertised once we pick a date. In the meantime, this thread can be used to discuss the minutes - and we can break out any specific conversations into their own threads if it makes sense to.

MHV Community Meeting Minutes for 10_02_2020.pdf (62.9 KB)