Laser Cutter Access

(Jamie Reid) #1

Hi All,

Does anyone have access to a laser cutter? Or could point me in the direction of a website / similar for getting some plans cut?

I’m looking at building a studio style Eurorack case.
Something like those found here.

(Max Bainrot) #2

How big are we talking? I have a k40 that can do 300x200

(Stephen Davies) #3

Hi Jamie,

  1. which material? Ply, mdf?
  2. bookcase or sloping front?

(Jamie Reid) #4

Material I’m open to. Something that looks not too bad is all I’m after on that front. (Happy to stain if required etc).

I’d probably be looking at a design similar to this, or this.

Laser cutting might not be the best approach. I guess I’m just looking for an easier tool than pencil + jig/saws. (And certainly that first design is designed with lazer cutting in mind).

(Jamie Reid) #5

I think unfortunately at least one dimension is larger than you bed size :frowning:

(Stephen Davies) #6

If it’s going to be sitting on a desk most/all of the time then MDF is probably best.

If you want to move it around a bit then ply is a better option.

I have a cabinet saw and biscuit joiner and would be happy to help. May require some minor changes to the designs I saw at thingy… (front lip) but end result would be functionally equivalent.

Have you purchased the rails yet?

(Jamie Reid) #7

I would say it would mostly always be on my desk.

I do have some rails now in a couple of 6RU ‘briefcase’ style cases I’ve built. I don’t remember the exact size, I’ll check when I’m home.
I was thinking I would buy new rails for the studio case, leaving the ‘briefcase’ cases together so I could use them for meetups / performances (if I ever go down that path).

I would love some help!

(Stephen Davies) #8

Suggest you get the rails first. Easier to adjust the cabinet dimensions to suit.