Keyholder Nomination

(ian) #41

Nominating @Harvs for a key

(Paul Harvey) #42

Seconded for @Harvs :slight_smile:

(Paul Harvey) #43

@Rurik is a recent member who has been busy building stuff and helping us out - I would like to nominate him for keyholder. Feel free to second if you know Ben :slight_smile:

(Ben Paton) #44

Hey thanks for that @csirac2_. I am happy to be a key holder of someone else nominates me.


(Amr Tawfik) #45

Seconded for Ben

(Steve Kennedy) #46

I nominate kevin murry as a key holder

(Paul Harvey) #47

Nominating @MOF to have a key, who runs the Canberra locksport nights.

(Ben Paton) #48


(Jamie Reid) #49

Nominating @sjdavies to have a key. Steve is planning to strip and clean the new CNC lathe. He has also been attending MHV for around six years, and is currently running the FPGA interest group / workshops.

(Max Bainrot) #50


(Steve Kennedy) #51

he has a key .

(Amr Tawfik) #52

I hereby nominate Ryan Mitchell to get a key

(Steve Kennedy) #53

I second him

(Ben Paton) #54

He has been given a key

(Ben Paton) #55

@Amr_Tawfik and I nominated @Andrew for a key last night and I gave it to him.

(Amr Tawfik) #56

Indeed we did.