Keyholder Nomination

(Devdsp) #21

I 2nd Aaron.

(Aaron Theodore) #22


(Paul Harvey) #23

As an integral part of the MHV Space Agency construction team, I hereby nominate @Paul_Buckley as a keyholder

(Paul Harvey) #24

Also nominating Alex for keyholder (MHVSA team :D)

(Dexta Bb) #25

Seconding @Paul_Buckley

(Paul Buckley) #26

Thanks guys.

(Paul Harvey) #27

Nominating @cheeseboy as a keyholder :smiley:

(Kat Lavender) #28

I also nominate @cheeseboy to be a keyholder

(Paul Harvey) #29

Nominating @clixx_io as a keyholder

Electronics Wednesdays – Can you help?
(Alex Satrapa) #30

Seconding @clixx_io for keyholder

(Paul Harvey) #31

Nominating @jjiaoyuwang as a keyholder

(Paul Buckley) #32

I’ll second

(Paul Harvey) #33

Nominating @crashman39 for keyholder

(Dexta Bb) #34

Second @crashman39

(ian) #35

Perhaps personal message me responses to this - to keep some notion of security.

Are there any more keys available, or should I get one cut?

The fire brigade turned up last Tuesday, They had the key to the fire panel, but the door key they had wasn’t right. I said I would replace it.

I have just looked where I thought keys came from. There is a ring of keys there but none of them are door keys.

Also when I turned up, the down stairs door closet to the alarm was only half locked, and the key safe jammed shut. So some more care is needed when leaving.

(Jamie Reid) #36

Hi Ian,

We only have one copy of the bilock and flyscreen doors in circulation. As for the other keys, I will check tonight, but last I looked we had some.


(Jamie Reid) #37

I would like to nominate Joe IT for a key.

(Paul Harvey) #38

Seconding @Joe

(Paul Harvey) #39

Nominating @Daniel_Iglewski for a key

(Amr Tawfik) #40