Keyholder Nomination

(Brenda Moon) #1

This topic is the place to nominate people to get a key to MHV.

The process for becoming a key holder in to be nominated by an existing key holder and seconded by two other key holders (don’t need to be committee members) after which you can get a key and find out how to open the space for yourself and other MHV members to use.

See and

Wednesday 4 January: anyone opening this week?
MHV's very own Scarab Drone w/FPV - ideas
New keys available!
(Brenda Moon) #2

I’d like to nominate Paul Harvey to have a key to MHV.

If two other keyholders reply here to support Paul getting a key I’m happy to give him one and show him how to open the space.

(Jamie Reid) #3

I support Paul having a key.

(Devdsp) #4

Paul Harvey has my support.

(ian) #5

Pi Games will back Ken Yongloh for a key

(Paul Garrett) #6

I also support Ken’s nomination

(Brenda Moon) #7

I support Ken having a key.

I’ve taken Ken through opening the space and given him a key. Great to have another person regularly using and opening the space. :smile:

(Brenda Moon) #8

@ian It’s a fine distinction, but you and Peter are key holders, not Pi Games.

(Alex Satrapa) #9

I nominate myself as a key holder. My plan is to run regular electronics evenings (whichever night(s) that ends up covering), though I can be available to open (and close) the space on request.

(Brenda Moon) #10

I’m happy to support @ManicDee becoming a key holder.

(Paul Garrett) #11

I am also happy to support @ManicDee becoming a key holder.

(Stephen Dade) #12

And third’ed for @ManicDee from me :slight_smile:

(Brenda Moon) #13

Thanks everyone. @ManicDee Next time you are in the space ask whoever opened to give you a key & run you through the opening/closing procedure again. I’ll get in touch about access to update the calendar as well.

(Brenda Moon) #14

I’d like to nominate @Amr_Tawfik as a key holder.

(Jamie Reid) #15

But I wanted to nominate Amr for a key :stuck_out_tongue:

I second the nomination.

(Devdsp) #16

Amr has my axe!

(Paul Harvey) #17

Nominating Ken Taylor

(Devdsp) #18

Seconding Ken.

(Brenda Moon) #19

Also happy to support Ken’s nomination.

(Paul Harvey) #20

Nominating Aaron for keyholder