July 6, 2016 6:15PM: Arduino workshop planning

(Paul Harvey) #1

It’s been rumored that there is desire to run another Arduino workshop at some point.

Who is interested in running one? Soon (i.e. before our move) or after? Do the materials need updating? What’s needed?

I’m happy to help promote it or contribute funds to small things that may need to be purchased.

August 9, 6:30PM: Committee Meeting - Giralang Move!
(Paul Buckley) #2

I would be extremely interested in attending also happy to contribute towards anything that needs to be bought

(Derryn Harvie) #3

I’d be happy to help run the course, but I don’t think I have the spare capacity at the moment to organise it all. So if someone wanted to do that I’d be happy to be their side kick.

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #4

I could get involved in organizing this too. Maybe we should get together one Wed (or Tue?) to exchange some preliminary ideas. I guess we could start with the last workshop and see if/what we want to change.

(Steve Kennedy) #5

I think we should Christen Giralang with it ?

But happy to help aswell:)

(Derryn Harvie) #6

Sounds good, next Tues 5 Jul?

(Steve Kennedy) #7

sorry but i am booked on tuesday nights :frowning:

(Derryn Harvie) #8

Is anyone opening on Wednesdays these days? I’ve been away for a while…

(Paul Harvey) #9

My contribution can be coordinated electronically :slight_smile: During the last committee meet we discussed experimenting with small amounts of advertising budget for things like this on FB/Twitter. I’ll donate $50 advertising and see how that goes.

Regarding Wednesdays: @Paul_Buckley, @ManicDee, @crashman39 and @Ken_Taylor have been opening up reliably on Wednesdays, even if I get my wires crossed on the opening times :slight_smile:

(Derryn Harvie) #10

Thanks Paul,

Let’s go for next Wed 6 Jul then.

(Christy Geromboux) #11

Hi Paul,

I have recently purchased an arduino, and a friend was kind enough to pass on this link. Electronics (like all other practical hobbies) is entirely new to me, but if the tutorials are anything to go by it seem to be a lot of fun. So if there is a workshop and there is still room available, my husband and I would love to come along.


(Paul Harvey) #12

That’s great to hear @christy.geromboux, and welcome to MHV! We’re still at the planning stages for the Arduino workshop, and we’re also about to move MHV to Giralang - I’m not sure which will happen first, so keep an eye out for it.

Once a date is set it will be posted on the forum here, our facebook page & group, twitter, our google calendar displayed on our webpage, and meetup.com :slight_smile:

(Paul Harvey) #13

I had a phonecall today from other members excited to attend an Arduino workshop. The demand is certainly there!

(Derryn Harvie) #14

In order to help shape discussion tonight, if anyone who’s not going to be there has any input on what we should be planning to do please feel free to post to this thread.

The general vibe I’m getting is the demand is for a beginners workshop. Should we actually be looking at running two, a beginners and intermediate/advanced?

(Steve Kennedy) #15

its depends on numbers because i think a beginners will be bigger ?, and most of the intermediate/advanced have come to some of the other sessions eg, tuesday , wednesday , thursday ?

bu then we will have to think of what would be covered by the inter/adv people so , any ideas ?

(Derryn Harvie) #16

How’d we go with the notes from the other night? Any chance of posting them here for reference?

(Derryn Harvie) #17

For reference, here’s the link to the previous workshop we talked about.

(Paul Harvey) #18

FYI: I’ve had another potential workshop attendee reach out to ask about Arduino training

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #19

A quick note that we discussed the workshop last Wednesday. Using the previous workshop as a reference, we contemplated the possibility of moving to a NodeMCU kit, thus allowing some wireless action. It was suggested that people are likely to be familiar with using phone apps. We debated the fact that using any WiFi project will require using a number of “black box” libraries that such an intro course cannot go into. Shown we stay on the bare metal level?

Naturally, a NodeMCU can easily fulfil the need of the projects presented in the earlier workshop, leaving open the option for either a follow-up meeting or a documented project left as a take-home exercise for the student.

(Steve Kennedy) #20

i think after the discussion tonight we could look at the node mcu and then the next course we can continue to show the IOT capablity of the node mcu . The other think we have to look for is a adapter board ,like the arduino nano board which we can use the dupont connectors.

because of the limited pins on the node mcu we should be able to do the basics with it .