Ian's large-format LED matrix display project

Just uploading some photos of @ian’s work from Tuesday night :smiley: IIRC, this will be 5 characters of LED matrix awesomeness and is built from ~125 recycled 3.5" floppy disk LTO backup tape containers!

LED driver board started - built around 74-series shift registers:

LED driver boards assembled:

LED housings (old 3.5" floppy disk LTO backup tape boxes!) reflective backing painted:

TODO: wiring!

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This project is great, I can’t wait to see it running :smiley:

Is going to be a very good use of that LED strip I had laying around :slight_smile:

for the record though, those are LTO (backup tape cartridge) boxes, not floppy disk boxes.

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D’oh! Edited for factual errors :slight_smile:

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We saw it fired up tonight!


This is great. I’m so happy to see it up and running! :smiley:

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It doesn’t say anything just yet, but if anyone wants to turn it on tonight and see the test pattern - the power plug is hanging to the right of the matrix.

Some images of the test pattern late at night.


Business side of things: shift registers & latches -



My mum sent me an SMS last night saying she saw the sign on her way home from work and it was really eye catching :smiley:


Is that kind of like the time on the Simpsons when Milhouse says “My Mom thinks I’m cool”?


That’s still an achievement unlocked!

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Hi. Saw this while having dinner at the noodle house across the road a few weeks ago. I didn’t know of this group, so congrats on both the build and ninja advertising. :slight_smile:


This and @jambulance’s happy face the night he first saw it makes it all worth while. I’m glad it motivate you to find out more.


The bots are getting smarter, I think it’s managed to identify a vertical line in the test pattern image posted on May the 5th.

Image for posterity if the post gets YEET’d permanently.

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