I need a metal detector for a day

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #1

Dropped an earphone in tall grass and could not find it. Not sure how much metal it has but I will test against the earphone I still have. Tried a dog which was no help :frowning:

I would rather search soon, before the next rains.


(Stephen Hocking) #2

True that - a dog is not a good fit on an ear, and probably doesn’t conduct sound all that well. It might conduct electricity, given sufficient voltage…

(Stephen Davies) #3

How big was the dog? Was it a woofer or a sub-woofer :smile: ?

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #4

It is a Labradoodle, so on the large size. Turns out he will only seek food… or a tennis ball.

As for the earphone (apology for straying from the subject), I will search that place again, with a rake which should expose the ground and maybe expose the earphone. The next two days should be sunny and warm and the next five have a forecast of 0% rain.