Heads Up: Laser Cutter Out of Service: Needs Water

(Ryan Mitchell) #1

Hi all, just a heads up about the laser cutter.
tl;dr: Needs more water. Don’t use tap water, it’ll kill the cutter. Use “Pureau”, 10 liters is $8 at woolies.
I’ll be back some time tonight, probably no earlier than 6PM, and will bring some with me, but if you’re desperate to cut, it needs a top up.
I repeat: please don’t use tap water or even bottled spring water, it’s too conductive.
Distilled/deionised/RO water only. Pureau’s the good stuff, trust me, I’ve tested them all.

I was doing some long cuts last night and a slow leak partially drained the tub, making a huge mess.
Laser’s fine, don’t worry, but carpet’s wet and I was drying it out, flat out, all night, with a heater and dehumidifier working in tandem.
Dehumidifier’s under the table, leave it on. If you’re gonna turn on the heater, don’t put it right next to the dehumidifer, also keep in mind you can’t run both at once off the same circuit.
Really, don’t worry: I can handle the dry-out myself.

Anyway, when looking in the cutter’s water reservoir I noticed there was quite a lot of gunk in there, I think from the cheap pump, so while everything was drying I gave it all a good wash.
However, when refilling I didn’t have enough water on hand to fill it completely.
I’ll get some more, and either bring it in tonight, or, again, if you want you can top it up yourself. Water conditioiner’s already in the tub, so all you need to do is add a bit of this:
Pureau Water at Woolworths