Hardwear.io wants us to know about their conference

This was addressed to me, and sent to my personal gmail, but seems intended for MHV community more generally:

We take a great pleasure in inviting VOID Hackerspace for hardwear.io – Hardware security Conference, Netherlands,

Technology is easier than ever to use but at the same time it is opening new ways to someone to use their skills for bad things. Hackers are now targeting automobile, medical devices, planes, SCADA systems, drug pump, cell phones towers, eWallets and even CCTV cameras.

The 1st International Conference on Hardware, Security ‘hardwear.io ‘is being organized on 1& 2 Oct.2015 at The Hague, Netherlands. And we are cordially inviting your participation for this global event of hardware security

The objective of the conference revolves around key concerns in hardware, firmware and related protocols i.e. backdoors, exploits, trust and attacks (BETA).


Jon Callas, Co-Founder / CTO
Silent Circle and Blackphone

Harald Welte, Co-Founder – Sysmocom GmbH

Talk & Speakers (http://hardwear.io/speakers/ )

Trainings: (http://hardwear.io/#training )

Looking forward for your views

Thank You

Awesome, I might try to attend in October.

Is there a link? what is the cost?

http://hardwear.io/ is the conference site including registration.

It appears to be 120 euros for students, 450 euros for individuals, and a lot more euros if you want to participate in the corporate/training side of things :slight_smile: