Group project enlarging old K40 laser cutter

Hi all
I’m proposing to enlarge the old K40 we had donated to us .
This project will be will not be funded by the space, the funding and parts will come from the group doing the project.

At the moment we have a lots of the parts from doing the enlargement, we have on hand the 20x40mm vrail, one of the old metal frame tables out side in the pile of things .

The base for the project is this,
in the research I have been doing on the controller we maybe need to go to a 32bit controller, we could still stay with a Arduino mega and a ramps board , i have a ramps board with a couple 8825 drivers or tmc2100 .

The 3d printed parts we can print here , the cost of the filament is $34.95/kg its Esun petg from cubic tech in Melbourne.

The Vrail is $10/per 3 mtr length.
The Delrine wheels will be a cost aswell.

So does anyone want to join this project? and do you have any other ideas to add to help this project.


Yep I will help out.

After making some 3D printed “equipment” parts, I know mostly avoid them in favour of wood or metal. I now have my CNC mill cutting 4mm Aluminium and a fair bit of on hand scrap, so can help out, especially if some one else does the 2D design (step/dxf ect).


I’m happy to help as well. I’ll probably have quite a few left over cnc bits and pieces that I’m happy to donate.

I’ve got left over SBR16 rails and blocks we can use if we can come up with a way to fit them. Not sure if they’ll fit on top of the ally extrusion you’ve already got, or we could just MIG up a steel frame? Either that or for ~$100 we could get some cheap MGN12 blocks and rails.


Sounds interesting, happy to help out :slight_smile:

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