Glowforge laser cutter update: shipping 2018-10-05

(Steve Kennedy) #21

Oh bugger…

(Paul Harvey) #22

Far out. It’s now 2018-10-15. But I notice there’s somewhere to provide a shipping address now. I wonder if populating that will help us get an actual unit shipped.

Given that I won’t be living in Canberra, I need someone to nominate a shipping address :confused:


(Paul Harvey) #23

This was the June 20 update at

Air Filter & remaining international shipments
The team continues to work through the air filter production process and prepare Glowforge units for shipments to our remaining international locations. We’ve shipped to most customers’ countries, but some still remain. We hate letting you down on this, and understand how frustrating this is.

Unfortunately, we’ve uncovered additional schedule challenges for both air filter & international shipping. We don’t have updated ship dates yet, but will by next week. At that time, they’ll be updated at 252, where we keep the most up-to-date shipping forecast information we have available. Of course, should you decide you can’t wait any further, you can email to get a refund (on either your air filter or on your international Glowforge delivery).

Extended Founder’s Discount for international customers
Some of our earliest customers have Founder status and receive a discount on Proofgrade materials as a result. That discount is scheduled to expire at the end of 2018.

Based on your requests, we’ve decided to extend it for international customers because they aren’t able to access the Proofgrade store yet. We’ll extend the Founders’ Discount for international Founders by 6 months from the international Proofgrade launch date.

(Paul Harvey) #24

So, who of committee can think of a shipping address of our glowforge? @devdsp @jambulance @tpack @crashman39 @Rurik @Amr_Tawfik

(Ben Paton) #25

I am happy to take delivery of it. I am home most days and can drop it straight to the space so people can get straight to playing with it.

(Steve Kennedy) #26

sounds ok to me

(Amr Tawfik) #27

We gave them an address right? Any day now…:joy:

(Stephen Davies) #28

Do not have access to the Glowforge account but have read through some of the site traffic at the end of this:

It appears that Australia is now out to Jan 2019.

(Steve Kennedy) #29

bugger that is the way it goes :frowning:

(Max Bainrot) #30

I suspect swines are going to grow wings and fly away at this rate :frowning:

(Ryan Mitchell) #31

If someone goes ahead and buys a $150 laser cutter from AliExpress, what do you bet the glowforge will ship the next day?

(Stephen Davies) #32

From the Glowforge Terms of Purchase -
3.13 Refunds Before Shipment. Glowforge allows you to request a refund for a Product until you provide final approval to ship. Refunds may take up to 10 business days to process. For more details on our refund policies, please visit our FAQ page. For European consumers please see Sections 3.14 through 3.17 for additional details of your refund rights.

There is a lot of fine points in their Terms of Purchase but my reading of this is that so long as final approval to ship hasn’t been given we are entitled to a refund.

BTW, searched the FAQ page, the word ‘refund’ isn’t mentioned.

(Reece Murphy) #33

Hey guys ive been letting people know on the official glow forge forums but saw this thread and thought id reiterate it here in case you hadn’t seen it.

Im in Australia and I’ve got mine (via private import through a forwarder) be very cautious with continuing to wait for your machine. And I mean this is a warning to all Australian/international customers, if your machine breaks expect some very heft costs involved with your warranty. My machine has suddenly stopped working after only 3 months…it literally worked one second on a 20 minute engraving job and then poof…shes dead. They have outright refused to pay for the shipping of my current broken machine back to them or for the sending of a new machine to me. Just so you are aware it’s going to be about $2000 all up to send one of these back and get a new one sent to you if you are in Australia.

i had one person raise the argument that its really on me since i shipped the machine of my own accord out of the country, to a country that glow forge doesnt ship to so how can i expect them to ship me a new one for free.

This would be a very valid point if glow forge never had any intention of shipping to my country and when they did start shipping were also planning on covering return shipping costs of any broken units. this however will not be the case if the current policy for countries in the EU and Canada are anything to go by as these countries are currently being shipped to, but if your machine breaks they will not be covering shipping costs incurred for the return of your broken machine and the return of a new one to you. Not only this but they will not accept returns from an address outside the USA nor will they send return items to an address outside the USA. What this means is that in order to get a new machine sent to you you are required to organise with a forwarding company to have your machine shipped to a warehouse owned by the forwarding company. Then you need to notify glowforge of the location of said warehouse and have them send a courier to pick up your broken machine. Once this has occurred they will send a new machine out but you have to have it send to the same warehouse of the forwarding company and then have the forwarding company send it to you. its such an ass about way of treating your loyal customers after they have waited so many years for their product to arrive.

(Ryan Mitchell) #34

I’d jokingly say it’d be cheaper to book a return flight to the US, with the glowforge in a suitcase, than to ship it they way you’re saying, but I actually wouldn’t mind a subsidised trip to the US so offer’s on the table.

Additionally, while we’re all here, might as well post the most recent update from the comity meeting.
Motion was passed authorising the refund, last I know of is the Secretary needs to email Paul Harvey, requesting he put into motion anything needed to get the refund.

I now feel it’s a matter of urgency, if this last post is anything to go by.

(Ryan Mitchell) #35

Also, out of curiosity, I’d like to know what’s gone wrong with your machine, if you wouldn’t mind sharing?
Dead laser, or the machine’s just outright stopped?

(Reece Murphy) #36

Haha yea I did actually contemplate that…I don’t think they’d like me showing up in my current state of mind though. Is the refund you’re referring to just a mass refund for people that have requested it ? Or just refunds in general?

Hopefully this video loads, if you watch it to the end you will see my issue is the fact that on startup it “centres” into the cutting bed edges. If I have the lid closed and turn it on it outright doesn’t do anything. If I do the leave the lid open trick and shut it after it does the initial startup clicks and can spool this is what happens.

(Ryan Mitchell) #37

Thanks for the video, interesting.
The refund is just in reference to MHV seeking a refund on our order before it shipped, as we’ve collectively decided the funds could be best used elsewhere.

I’m personally a bit disappointed, as they seem like rather well built machines that cut great, but the risks outweigh the costs, it seems.