Glowforge laser cutter update: shipping 2018-10-05

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As you may recall we ordered a glowforge with MHV funds a while back: UPDATE 2015-10-22: Laser Cutter - we have ordered a Glowforge

Here’s an update I’ve just been E-mailed regarding our purchase:

One month ago today, you helped us make history. Glowforge became the biggest 30-day crowdfunding campaign in history. We always knew what we were building was a big idea, but we had no idea that you, and so many people like you, would see the potential so quickly. It’s been an inspiration and a motivation. Every day we come to work we think about the teachers, the parents, the artists, the architects. The backers who sold cars, took out loans, and spent their savings. The people who are counting on us to deliver something amazing.

In just a few days, I’m going to send an email about our first shipments - our first beta units, coming out in December - and how you can volunteer to get one. Before we start shipping units, though, we want to be sure that everyone involved knows what’s ahead. We’ve been sharing information through the FAQ, update emails, and most of all through daily posts on the forum at But we’ve had a few emails from people who are concerned. They missed some of the details. For example, some thought we were shipping everything in December, or didn’t realize that you had to have internet access to use a Glowforge. That makes us feel terrible, because it means we didn’t communicate as well or as clearly as we should have. So we pulled together this email with all of the most important information about your order, and a few of the misconceptions we’ve heard along the way.

For most of you, nothing here will be a surprise. But we want to make sure Glowforge is right for you, so please read through all the details here. Should you decide that you’re you’re going to do without your Glowforge, you can reach us at We’ll cancel your order, reverse the payment, and give your place in line to someone else.

But we hope you don’t want that. :slight_smile:

With no further ado, then:

Most backers will get their machines in the first half of 2016.

When we launched, we said “First units shipping December 2015”, and then went on to say that units purchased before October 23 would ship in the first half of 2016. Now the first shipments are about to happen! (Stay tuned for an email in a few days on how you can apply to get one of the first few beta units). However, we’ve heard from a few people who thought that all the shipments would happen in December. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. To make sure your final Glowforge is as good as it can possibly be, we’re going to start by shipping a small number of beta units starting in two weeks. We’ll build the next set of units on a small test line over the course of the month. Then, the majority of units will roll out in the first half of next year. The date that we ramp up our production and start shipping thousands of units will depend on your feedback and our quality testing, but we’re on schedule to have all units that were purchased before Oct 23 shipped in the first half of 2016. Units ordered after Oct 23 will ship in the summer of 2016.

We’re on time, but delays are still possible.

Every day when I come into work I think about the Glowforge backers who are betting on us. Everyone at the company knows you’re counting on us, and that weighs on us and inspires us every day in equal measure. We will spare no effort to deliver every Glowforge on time. There is one thing we won’t do, though, and that’s compromise on the quality of what we’re building.

Our team has many years of experience shipping hardware, so we know how to minimize risk and stay on schedule. We’re buying parts months before they’re needed, flying around the world to inspect component manufacturers and ensure that they have the supplies and quality that we need, and sparing no efforts to accelerate production. (Do you know how much it costs to air freight a 10 ton injection mold? I do now!)

We are right on schedule, and have built buffers and redundancy into our plan. But even with all our efforts, we could experience delays. What we aren’t going to do is ship our production units until they are awesome.

Glowforge uses wifi.

Glowforge requires a wifi connection. It will work with a wired-to-wifi converter, and with cellular internet adapters like the MiFi device and cell phone hotspots. It’s also resistant to internet outages and works with slow bandwidth (if the connection drops, it finishes what it’s doing and then pauses). But if you’re completely offline, then Glowforge won’t work for you.

We don’t have a showroom yet.

We’ve been doing public demonstrations of Glowforge since launch, and will be doing many more in the upcoming months (we post them on Unfortunately we have people dropping by our office at all hours. They want to see what we’re building, sometimes after driving hundreds of miles. We’re flattered! But we’re also working like mad to get your Glowforges ready, so we can’t interrupt the day to take people on tours.

However, if you’re really itching to see behind the scenes, though, you might consider submitting your resume to… candidates who come in for interviews get a tour and a printing demonstration as part of the visit!

We don’t know what future pricing will be.

We know how much it costs us to make a Glowforge. After accounting for warranty, service, and support, we’re selling it at the lowest price we can. In the future, we will sell it to retailers, who can charge whatever they want. We expect that the price will be much higher, and the MSRP - recommended retailer price - is on our homepage. But we have no idea what retailers will charge, and we can’t control their pricing.

If you cancel your order now and decide to purchase later on, you may end up with a much higher price. On the other hand, retailers can do whatever they want, even price below wholesale. We don’t think that’s likely, but we don’t have any control over that if it happens.

You must comply with your local laws.

Use of your Glowforge may be subject to local laws, regulations, and ordinances in your jurisdiction. We cannot guarantee that the device or its use is permissible in your country and jurisdiction. You are also responsible for all tariff, import, customs, tax, and other charges applicable in your country and jurisdiction (except sales tax in Washington state). We can’t advise you on what laws or costs may apply.

So what should you do?

Of course, up until we ship your Glowforge, you can tell us you don’t want it. If you do, we will reverse your order, cancel your shipment, and give someone else your place in line. If have to do that, we understand. We really want you to have a Glowforge, but it’s more important to us that you be happy.

But if you don’t mind sticking with us through the adventure while we communicate with you every step along the way - we can’t wait to get you your Glowforge!


  • dan

(Administrative note: This email was sent by Glowforge, Inc, 2944 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA. If you want to be permanently deleted from our updates, click this link. Wait, don’t do that! We love you! Don’t go!..)

Sunday 27 May, 13:00: Committee Meeting
(Paul Harvey) #2


We have a lot of news. So much so, I’m going to start out with a short summary before I get into the details.

Due to schedule delays, we plan to ship your Glowforge by December 2016 instead of the original date of June 2016. New orders will ship after yours, in 2017.

We feel terrible about this delay, and by way of apology, we are including $200 of extras.

Your Glowforge will ship with $150 worth of Proofgrade™ materials as a free bonus.

Your preorder will include a $50 gift certificate to the Glowforge design catalog.

You will receive Glowforge Founder status.

Your Glowforge Founder status entitles you to a 10% discount on all catalog and materials purchases.

Your Glowforge will be assembled in the USA.

You can read beta user reports the forum now.

You can see Glowforge printers in action at Maker Faire Bay Area, Seattle, and NYC.

I will be answering questions live in our forum all day today, and in a live Q&A tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:30 AM pacific time. 

Should you decide that you no longer want your Glowforge reservation for any reason, you may cancel and reverse all charges at any time until your unit ships.

If this seems like a long update, well - it is. We heard you loud and clear that we were sending too much email. So as of our last email, we moved regular updates to and save only big updates for email. Like this one.

But first… I apologize. I worked very hard to deliver your Glowforge on time, and I am sorry that I failed you. Our team has been amazing and done everything possible. This is on me.

Schedule delay

When we launched six months ago, we scheduled our production with room for delays, but we’ve just made the painful decision not to ship crowdfunding campaign units by June.

I know that it’s important to you to get your Glowforge order on time. It’s important to us too. In fact, it’s what we think of every day when we come into work. It’s what we obsess over when we’re building schedules and running tests. We think about the trust you placed in us, and how to best pay it back.

And we know there’s only one thing we can do that’s more important than shipping on time: shipping the incredible product that you deserve.

It’s been an intense six months since we completed our crowdfunding campaign, and while there have been many ups and downs, we hit one problem we just couldn’t get past in time - our power supply. Although it was scheduled to be complete in November last year, we’ve only just received units that met our stringent performance, safety, and reliability requirements. For that reason, we’re only now releasing beta units.

We could hit the gas and start churning out huge numbers of printers in time to meet June. We would love to do that. We want you to have your printer. It makes us feel terrible to contemplate letting you down.

But we’d feel worse about compromising on quality. We just got this power supply. Everything has been working well together, but we haven’t had enough time to feel confident that it will meet your expectations.

We have dealt with many surprises along the way, and will doubtless overcome a few more before we’re done. We’re moving our delivery schedule to December because that gives us enough room to guarantee the product is as good as you deserve. We are going to test our builds constantly, ramp production slowly, and deliver your amazing 3D laser printer in December.

You believed in us. You made this happen. You’ve stuck with us this long. And that’s why we’re going to do something extra for you. Actually, somethings.

$150 of Proofgrade™ materials, free

We wanted to make sure your Glowforge prints perfectly every time, so we developed a line of materials designed specifically for lasers, called Proofgrade™. We’ve commissioned custom plywood with laser-safe glue and no internal knots, top quality leather tanned without the use of harmful chemicals, and more. While your Glowforge will work with any laser-compatible materials, we’ve created these to offer the very best experience.

Proofgrade materials are not just the highest quality - they have special features designed just for your Glowforge. For example, you can draw directly on them. There’s a paper masking applied to the material, with a low-tack laser-compatible adhesive so it’s easy to remove. You may have seen the incredible tracing power of your Glowforge - not only can you design directly with a pen, you can cut the material in half just by drawing a line!

The paper masking also protects the material during the print process. It keeps the edges looking crisp and new so your print comes out perfectly. When you’re done, you just peel it off to reveal your perfect print underneath. Alternately, you can peel off some of it, and then paint the material before removing the rest - making it easy to add color and interest to your creation.

Best of all, the paper has embedded codes that your Glowforge can read. This is absolutely magical. You may have heard that with lasers, you have to cut and engrave test pieces over and over again to learn the right power and settings, and you have to do it separately every time you use a new material. As you’d imagine, that’s a frustrating, slow, and expensive process. Proofgrade materials do away with all of that. Your Glowforge recognizes the material, automatically configures itself, and prints perfectly.

Best of all, Proofgrade materials will be priced competitively with the same types of materials in stores.

Wait, no: the best part is that you get $150 worth of assorted hardwoods, veneers, plywood, acrylic, and more, included with your Glowforge at no charge, as a gift for your patience.

$50 gift certificate for our design catalog, free

As you know, we’re going to launch with a design catalog full of amazing designs, ranging from wallets to wall art, purses to picture frames, and dollhouses to drones.

No matter how creative you are, it’s always inspiring to see what other artisans have done before. For that reason, we’re giving you a $50 gift certificate to choose your favorite patterns to print. These designs are crafted by experts to work perfectly on your Glowforge.

You’ll have a multitude of designs to choose from, so the only question is… what do you want to print first?

You will receive Glowforge Founder status

You probably know that Glowforge has become a phenomenon. We’re backordered for months, and more people are getting in line every day. Ultimately, this is because of you. You believed in us and made everything we’ve done so far possible. That’s the reason we’re buying more than $1.5 million of materials for you, why we’re giving you more than $500,000 in catalog gift certificates, and why we’re working so hard to deliver the product you paid for and deserve.

We want to recognize that one more way: we are giving you Glowforge Founder status. We’re dreaming up benefits for you, but for starters:

You’ll get a 10% discount on all of your Proofgrade™ material orders through 2017.

You’ll get a 10% discount when purchasing from our design catalog through 2017.

We’ll recognize you as a Glowforge Founder in your profile forever.

Your Glowforge will be assembled in the USA

We originally planned to assemble Glowforge printers in a second-tier factory in mainland China, where labor costs were lower, as a way to make the product more affordable.

We upgraded.

Your Glowforge is being manufactured by one of the best-respected manufacturers in the world, in a facility used for producing Fortune-500 consumer electronics products. They have an unparalleled reputation for quality. And the factory is in the United States. Parts are sourced from all over the world, then final assembly and quality assurance happens in the USA.

We’re building our beta units there already.

You can read beta user reports the forum now.

Prolific forum contributor Josh Kopel is posting up a storm with projects on his beta unit in the “Laser Made” department of the forum. We love this because we can actually see what real customers do with their Glowforge and what they print with it. This is helping us build an even better product for you.

If you applied to be a beta tester, we’re still adding new testers to the list - you don’t need to do anything else. If you haven’t applied, you still can right here. Our beta users get a stack of Proofgrade materials to experiment with, too.

You can see Glowforge printers in action at Maker Faire Bay Area, Seattle, and NYC.

As much as we try to focus our time on shipping, we love meeting you in person! Even more importantly, we want you to be able to see the machines, ask us questions, and know what you’re going to receive. So while we normally (regretfully) decline invitations to events, we’ve scheduled a few where you can print something on a Glowforge yourself.

We’ll be bringing printers to Maker Faire Bay Area (May 18 - 21), Mini Maker Faire Seattle (September 17 - 18), and World Maker Faire New York (October 1 -2), and we hope to see many of you there. We’ll also let you know when we’re planning to host another, larger open house at our new Seattle office sometime this fall.

I’m available right now for Q&A.

I’ll be in the community forum all day today, along with some of my colleagues, answering questions. (If you need to set up an account to post, you can find instructions here.) I will also host a live Q&A tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:30 AM Pacific time. Check the Announcements section of the forum at 11:30 and look for “April 2016 Q&A with Dan”.

Should you decide that you no longer want your Glowforge for any reason, you may cancel and reverse all charges at any time until your unit ships.

I know you didn’t make the decision to pre-order your Glowforge lightly, and you’re eagerly awaiting the day a (very large) box arrives on your doorstep. But I also understand if you can’t wait any longer. We’ll cancel your order, reverse the payment, and give your place in line to someone else.

We want what’s right for you. We’d rather have you as a happy customer some time in the future than an unhappy customer right now.

But before you do, please read carefully so that you’re not disappointed later:

You’ll give up your place in line. All things being equal, we ship based on order date. If you cancel, there’s no way to get your order date back.

You’ll lose your pre-order pricing. You paid 50% less than MSRP. Our prices have already gone up once and may do so again. We will be unable to reinstate your earlier pricing.

You’ll miss out on the $200 of materials and catalog designs that you have received for being a pre-order customer.

You’ll forfeit Glowforge Founder status and the 10% material and purchasing discount. 

Cancellation is irreversible. If you change your mind, you can come back and place a new order at the then-current price, but we cannot undo a cancellation.

Note: You will not, however, need to return the book we gave you. That was a gift to express our appreciation for supporting us, and it is yours to keep. (If for some reason you didn’t get your book, let us know and we’ll get it to you immediately!)

If you do need to cancel, instructions are here.

Thank you

We owe you a debt of gratitude and thanks. It’s not everyone who can see the potential in a tool that the rest of the world can barely imagine existing. Together, we’re a ten-thousand-strong community of creators who will astonish the world with what we can do.

We cannot wait until the day when we deliver your Glowforge to you.


(Administrative note: This email was sent by Glowforge, Inc, 2944 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA. If you want to be permanently deleted from our updates, click this link.)

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #3

Noooooo :frowning: I was so ready to start playing with this in a few months.

(Alex Satrapa) #4

December is a wonderful time of year to get a new toy, especially since many people will have a long weekend and maybe some leave up their sleeves :smiley:

(Paul Harvey) #5

Another email update:

You should have your Glowforge already, but we let you down. Depending on your order date, your

Glowforge will arrive between March and July.

You deserve better. We are heartbroken to disappoint you.

We realize that this could have a big impact on you, so we’re going to cover a lot of important topics:

When you get your Glowforge, and why it’s taking so long
Recent news
First review (with Adam Savage)
Revealing secret features
Adding 6 months to the warranty
We’re going to pay you for waiting (plus two more benefits)
I let you down

When you’ll get your Glowforge
(and why it’s taking so long)
We’ve been working feverishly all year to deliver to you on schedule. The last six weeks have been a flat out race as we’ve pulled out every stop to move production forward.

But I lost sight of something. Even though I say it all the time, I started paying less attention to “how do we build the quality product you deserve” and instead focused on “how do we deliver to more than 10,000 customers who’ve already been waiting a year, on schedule”?

One morning early in November I arrived at the office. On my right was the row of Glowforge printers that we use every day. On the left was the row of printers that were not working, waiting for troubleshooting.

The row on the left was longer than the row on the right.

I realized we had a problem.

I pulled together the wisest advisors I know: our consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, investors, and, most of all, our team. I shared data on customer feedback, hardware failures, shipping damage reports, and the statistics from tens of thousands of prints. Instead of my usual question “How do we ship in December”, I asked each person what shipment schedule they thought would ensure that our product was great.

After talking to everyone, I sat down with our team. After hours of consideration, we came to a painful conclusion. We are not ready to start producing in quantity yet. The only way to build your Glowforge with the quality and care it deserves is by spending more time on testing. This means adding more time to our production schedule. We previously planned to go from producing hundreds of units one month to producing many thousands with three round-the-clock shifts to get things done faster. But we’ve had to acknowledge that the path to a quality product means scaling up more gradually.

This is our new plan. We will be manufacturing hundreds of units per month through February and scale up to thousands starting in April. Most customers will get their deliveries in May through August. All orders placed before Oct 26, 2015 will be shipped by July 31, and all subsequent orders by August 31.

This is going to cost a lot of money. Every month that you wait, we spend more than a million dollars to make your Glowforge better. A normal company wouldn’t do this; they would have to rush their product out the door because delays are so profoundly expensive.

But our investors support us in putting quality ahead of profit. We’ve put aside your pre-order payment to be used only when we manufacture your Glowforge. As a company, we made sure that we could afford to do the right thing: we are in robust financial health from our $31 million of venture capital investment.

We just wish it wasn’t going to take so long.

Recent news
We regularly post updates to our community forum. If you haven’t been watching, here’s some of the latest news that affects your Glowforge:

We’ve been shipping beta unit to customers who’ve been testing to help us improve. It’s staggering what people can make with a Glowforge printer.
We’ve chosen a chosen a Fortune-500 manufacturing company to build your Glowforge in California, USA.
We’ve finished manufacturing beta units and have progressed to manufacturing and delivering pre-release units to early customers.
We’ve updated the bed size - the workspace is 6” deeper and ½” taller than planned. The printable area is ½” wider but the depth is reduced ½”.
Pricing has gone up. Currently, people are ordering the same thing as you, but they’re paying $2,995 for a Basic, $3,745 for Basic + Air Filter, and $5,995 for a Pro + Air Filter. You can view your order here.

(By the way, our customers have asked us to send them email only when there are major announcements, like the one you’re reading now. But if you want more frequent email updates, you can get forum announcements delivered to your inbox as well - here’s how.)

Adam Savage and Norman Chan’s review
Our advisor, Adam Savage, and one of our earliest customers, Norman Chan, have been putting a pre-release Glowforge unit through its paces at the offices and in Norman’s garage. Adam started his career making movie props with the laser at Industrial Light and Magic and uses his own laser regularly in his shop. In their video review, they share their first impressions after printing some holiday ornaments creating a high-resolution sign for Adam’s workshop.

Revealing secret features
From the very early genesis of the Glowforge, we’ve had some deep dark secrets. We’ve had to keep them under lock and key, protected with nondisclosure agreements, until now. With the shipment of our pre-release units, we’re excited to finally get to share them with you.

The Expansion Port
In one of our pre-release unboxing videos, a customer remarked how strange it was that the laser head isn’t permanently attached. Not only is it removable, it just snaps into place with magnets. That’s not an accident.

The head isn’t a permanent part of your Glowforge; it’s a Glowforge accessory. In fact, it’s just the first of many accessories we have planned. From the start, we designed the laser arm of the Glowforge to be flexible. It has connectors to supply both 30 watts of power and high speed serial data. This means in the future, you may be able to use the expansion port to exchange the laser head for anything from an inkjet printer cartridge to a 3D extruder, creating multi-pass multi-media projects seamlessly.

50-point sensor monitoring
Your Glowforge has a lot of moving parts, both literally and metaphorically. We haven’t talked about this before, but we’ve covered your Glowforge with tiny sensors to monitor dozens of measurements: accelerometers, gyroscopes, thermometers, infrared detectors, tachometers… In total, there are more than 50 sensors measuring data multiple times a second to ensure you are always printing at peak performance.

The sensors can help with something else, too. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in everyday life. It’s crucial to follow the Glowforge manual carefully and operate the system safely. Should something go wrong, the sensors work hard to keep your Glowforge from harm.

To give you some idea of what that’s like, here’s a video of what might happen if you’re a careless multitasking coffee aficionado.

Your Glowforge will also do its best to protect itself from hazards like an overeager guest who leans so close to your Glowforge that they fall on top of it, a cat who snuggles up to the exhaust, a space heater that somehow points itself at the cool air intake… as well as a host of other, less common problems.

3D Engraving
We’ve made some truly amazing technical breakthroughs to give you dramatic 3D laser prints.

We use the tight integration between the cloud service, the motion system, the power supply, and the laser itself to create complex, multi-pass, multi-focused engravings. Here’s one example, in ½” maple hardwood. The resolution is 350 lines per inch; you can go up to 1355. For comparison, the new iPhone 7 HD 5.5” is 401 dots per inch.

Glowforge 3D Engrave

Photo Engraving
This is another one we’ve been polishing for ages, and it’s finally ready to share. With this, you can transform a cherished memory into something permanent. It combines beauty and detail with the warmth of wood, the impact of leather, or the permanence of metal, letting you take photo prints to a different level. Below, you can see my twins’ black and white baby photo engraved on a piece of Proofgrade cherry hardwood (with a Proofgrade maple frame).

Laser Shielded
We’ve added a proprietary coating to our case that can repel the full force of the Glowforge laser - even though the laser can’t get there in the first place. It’s part of our commitment to design the Glowforge to perform even if something goes wrong. We want you to have the peace of mind of a consumer appliance like an oven or fridge, not an industrial tool that you need to worry about.

Permanent Laser Alignment With Monitoring
The optical system in your Glowforge gets perfectly calibrated at the factory by technicians using state-of-the-art optical equipment. It’s then locked in place, and never requires adjustment.

But again, we want to be thorough in our design, so we’ve developed a unique sensor that detects if your laser goes out of alignment or is blocked by an obstruction. In the unlikely event that should happen, your Glowforge will stop and let you know that it’s in need of factory repair.

Longer warranty
As you may know, the Glowforge Basic comes with a 6 month warranty, and the Glowforge Pro comes with a 12 month warranty. We’ve heard from you, our customers, that those numbers make you nervous. That it sounds like we don’t stand behind the quality of what we built.

We do.

That’s why we’re adding six months to your warranty. The Glowforge Basic will be covered for 12 months, and the Glowforge Pro will be covered for 18 months. Of course, the warranty clock doesn’t even start ticking until we ship your final, production Glowforge.

Again, this is something that can be quite expensive - but only if our product isn’t great. We’re now on track to make it great, and we’re going to share that peace of mind with you.

We’re paying you for waiting, plus more
First, you probably watched the video on before making your decision to buy. There, you saw some of our earliest designs that are headed for the store. We plan to release most of those designs for the catalog slowly over the course of the coming year. When we do, we’re going to give you every design from the video that’s in the catalog, for free. Yes, even the ginormous dollhouse and dual counter-rotating rubberband gatling gun drone. We’re even going to try and get the license for the Catan board for everyone.

Second, as you know, your Glowforge can work with a huge variety of materials. We’ve partnered with our friends at Inventables to give you a gift certificate for $50 of free Inventables products that’s good for anything in their store. We’re big fans of their wood inlays - you can engrave a slot for them in a project and glue them in for an amazing decorative look. They also have some specialized, useful, and downright unusual acrylics, including the red-on-white engravable material we used for the airplane birthday invitation in our video.

Finally, you’ve waited a long time for your Glowforge, and we told you it was going to arrive in December. Since it won’t, we’re going to issue you a gift certificate good for either Proofgrade materials or designs in the store. The gift certificate will increase $20 for each month you have to wait, so if your Glowforge is ready in April, it’ll be a $80 gift certificate. If you have to wait longer, it’ll be even bigger.

Of course, you also get everything else we’ve rewarded you with. That’s the $150 Proofgrade materials pack, the $50 design gift certificate, Founder status, 10% discount on materials, and 10% discount on designs - all the details are here.

When your Glowforge is ready for to be shipped to you, you’ll see the reviews, enter your shipping address, and decide if you want to have your Glowforge delivered or cancelled. But if you want to cancel early, we’ll reverse the payment and give your place in line to someone else. Instructions are here.

I let you down
As hard as we’ve tried to make our schedule, we failed, and that’s entirely on me. Our team has done work that’s nothing short of heroic to get the job done for you. I’m the one who came up short, and I am responsible for this delay.

Your Glowforge is amazing. With it, you will create amazing, astonishing things, that I can only start to imagine. You deserve to have it already.

It’s been more than a year since we started, and as you can see from our beta and pre-release customers, we’re almost there. I hope you’ll be with us until the end. If you can’t, I understand that too, and can’t thank you enough for your support along the way.

I’ll be in the community forum, along with some of my colleagues, answering questions. (If you need to set up an account to post, you can find instructions here.) I will also host a live Q&A tomorrow (Friday) at 4:00 PM Pacific time. Check the Announcements section of the forum and look for “Q&A with Dan”; you can post your questions there (and we’ll take a few more live).

I hate that I let you down. I hate that you don’t get your Glowforge this month. You deserve better, and you deserve not to have to wait.

I am truly sorry.


(Administrative note: This email was sent by Glowforge, Inc, 2200 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA. If you want to be permanently deleted from our updates, click this link.)

(Paul Harvey) #6

No new updates, and I’m not suggesting that we do this, but the option to do a charge-back will lapse on 17 April 2017 - 540 days since purchase (25 October 2015).

I’m happy to wait it out, but I would like the next committee to be aware of this date.

(Amr Tawfik) #7

Just curious, did we order this on the 25th Oct 2015?

You reckon that means we don’t fit in the “orders placed before Oct 25 2015 by July 31, 2017”.

Hopefully not. If not then woohoo soon! Also, just to make sure, this isn’t scheduled to ship to the belco place is it?

(Paul Harvey) #8

Hi @Amr_Tawfik, our order receipt is dated Wed., 21 Oct. 2015 at 22:05 :slight_smile:

They’ve said previously that they will confirm shipping addresses prior to sending out.

(Paul Harvey) #9

Another update

Glowforge shipments underway, schedule update, & more
Production has started, and we have a heck of an update for you about your Glowforge.
Executive Summary
Note: our customers always ask about providing more detail, so this has a lot of detail. All the crucial information is in this summary if you don’t have time to read it through.

We last updated our schedule in December, when we told you to expect your Glowforge by July 31 (for orders placed by October 26, 2015) or August 31 (for all other orders).

We’re now shipping production units. We’re incredibly proud of how they turned out. Some of you have yours already. Some of you will get yours ahead of our latest schedule - and, I’m so frustrated to say, some of you will receive yours up to three months later. Our updated schedule for final, production units is:

Now: Glowforge Basic deliveries underway.
June 30: Glowforge Pro shipments start.
September 30: Air Filter shipments start.
October 31: All Basic and Pro orders placed by 10/26/2015 shipped.
November 30: All Basic and Pro orders shipped.
December 29: All Air Filters shipped.

I’m excited to tell you we’re shipping, but pained to tell you about the schedule change because I know you’re counting on receiving your Glowforge. I apologize.

Our company spent 2016 torn between the desire to ship your Glowforge right away, and the desire to ship you the incredible product you expect and deserve. Now we need to do both.

While we post Community Forum updates every month, we only send email updates when we’ve got big news - so there’s a lot to cover here:

Schedule update: We’re shipping now; timeline for the rest of the year
Shipping and manufacturing details: Air Filter late but underway; international on schedule with some variability per-country
Reviews: Links to Amazon & 3rd party video reviews
Pro News: Adding training materials, adding Pro Glasses, adding Pro Shields, adding Pro Speed upgrade, and Pro software status
News: We’ve upgraded all units to a jet black crumb tray
News: Software updates upgrade your engraving quality
News: Release of final Basic, Pro, and Air Filter warranties
News: Adding a warranty to all Proofgrade™ materials
Update: Air Filter progress
Update: Design Catalog information & sample screen
How To: Make sure your shipment notification doesn’t get spam filtered
News: Shipment list, shipping details, setup process
News: Learning resources that are available right away
Update: Projects made on pre-release and production Glowforge units

If you’d like to give us feedback or share your thoughts, we’ll be answering questions all day here in the forum.

Let’s get started with the schedule.
Our factory in Milpitas, CA, is operated by our manufacturing partner Flex. As a Fortune Global 500 manufacturer responsible for products like the Google Chromecast and Microsoft Xbox, we knew there was nobody better to deliver the more than 10,000 Glowforge units that you and so many others have been waiting for.

The factory is running long shifts assembling, testing, and shipping Glowforge units. In the past few weeks, we’ve spent countless hours in California with Flex’s team of manufacturing experts. We’ve worked through the assembly line process together to calculate the maximum rate at which we can scale production without compromising on quality. At the same time, our logistics team has been flying around the world, visiting suppliers and verifying component quality and availability.

Based on this analysis, we’ve decided we need to update our completion date. Delivery of our production units will continue through November, three months longer than our previous schedule. Here’s a visual look at the full schedule since our launch:

We are shipping production units now, but we can’t do it fast enough to hit our previous schedule without sacrificing quality. Some of you received your Glowforge already. Many more of you will have it in July or August, on track with our schedule from December. But not everyone. We’re almost to the end, but our updated schedule means that we’ll have to ask some people to wait a few more months. That makes us feel terrible.

We’re pretty excited about what you’re getting, though. Keep reading to find out why.
Shipping and Manufacturing Details
We get a lot of questions about your place in line. All things being equal, we determine our shipments based on order date. If you’re one of the 70% of Glowforge customers who ordered an Air Filter, when your printer is ready to ship, we’ll give you the choice of receiving your Glowforge as soon as possible, or having us hold your shipment until your Air Filter is ready. (More Air Filter details below.)

We’ve received orders from more than 80 countries, and are hard at work on the logistics and the compliance standards to be able to reliably and legally deliver to every country. International shipments will start later but are scheduled to be completed at the same time as US shipments. However, there’s a risk of delays: we’ve been going through the process of investigating individual countries one by one. So far we haven’t found any problems we can’t solve, but if we do, we will reach out to you individually.

The production process is complex, but we’re proud of the incredible people who come together to make each Glowforge unit for you. In fact, some of the factory team are Glowforge owners themselves. (No, they don’t get first pick!) Here’s a photo at Flex that we took after shipping the first production units last month.

While the factory process is mostly confidential and we can’t show too much, we did get Flex to agree to share a few video clips of a Glowforge Basic coming together that we thought you might enjoy.

Making a Glowforge video
Reviews: How your Glowforge turned out
I know you’re concerned about this product you’ve been waiting for - will it turn out like you hoped? Rather than giving you my opinion, I’m going to point you to what customers like you have said.

You can read all about it on these Amazon reviews. We don’t sell there, so we were surprised to discover they have a review page for us. Since they put it up, though, it’s filled with thoughtful feedback from people who have experienced a Glowforge in their home.

For a full video experience, you can also see an in-depth review from Glowforge customer Bob Clagett of the “Makin’ It” podcast and “I Like to Make Stuff”.
Pro Improvements
The Glowforge Pro has shaped up into an amazing product and it’s almost ready for shipment.

To validate the Pro systems, we’ve been building pre-release units with key Pro components for months. Because the Pro has passthrough slots, however, it is a Class 4 laser device, and requires additional safety precautions. For that reason, we’ve been especially careful about letting Pro units out of the building. So I’m happy to announce that we’ve been able to slip in some significant upgrades to the Pro package.

Pro Training
The Glowforge Basic is a Class 1 laser - the same classification as a DVD player. It’s fully enclosed and automatically shuts off as soon as you lift the lid.The Pro, however, is classified as a Class 4 laser because, with the passthrough slots, it is not completely sealed. Many states and countries provide training information for Class 4 lasers in the workplace, but to date, there has never been a set of training materials for using them at home.

Because of that, we originally said that we couldn’t offer any advice on Pro safety. We heard from you, our customers, that you needed it. So based on your feedback, we’ve decided to make a change. We’ve hired laser safety experts to create something that’s never existed before, just for you: professional advice on the safe operation of a Class 4 laser device in the home.

The Pro Training materials are scheduled for completion at the end of the month.
Bonus Addition: Pro Glasses
Because the Pro is a Class 4 device, you’ll need to wear safety glasses when operating it. Laser safety glasses like the Noir EC2-53W glasses are usually $90 per pair, but we’ve decided to include them, at no extra charge, in every Pro shipment. These are premium safety glasses which can be used alone or worn over prescription glasses. We’ll also sell extra pairs in case you want to have them on hand for visiting friends or family (or fashionable everyday wear).
Bonus Addition: Pro Shields
We heard from Pro customers that it would make the product better if there was an option to use the Pro without the passthrough slots. To meet that need, we’ve developed a set of Pro Shields that finger-screw right into the passthrough slot of your Glowforge Pro to ensure that nothing - material or laser light - comes in or out. image7.png

Note that since it is not possible to change a laser product’s class once it’s manufactured, these do not reclassify the Pro into a Class 1 laser device like the Basic. We’re not going to delay shipping your Pro to wait for these to be finished, so we’ll ship them to every Pro owner separately later this year at no charge.
Pro Speed
Glowforge Pro units can already cut about 15% faster than Basic units, thanks to the more powerful laser tube and improved optics. As we sourced parts for production, we made another improvement: we upgraded key components of the linear system of the Pro model. In the future, we’ll update the software to unlock even faster movements. You’ll see the head move more quickly during startup, scores, and engraves, resulting in even speedier prints.
Pro Software
We’re also hard at work on many Pro-specific parts of the app. We’re improving the lid and head camera operation so that the passthrough feature automatically aligns your extra-long designs for you. That software will roll out later this year, but we won’t hold up shipping Pro units as a result - in the meantime, you’ll be able to manually align your designs. You’ll also have faster Pro cuts with both Proofgrade and manual settings.
Pro Schedule
Once Pro production starts at the end of the month, we’ll be producing Pro units at a higher rate to make up for the slower start. We expect to complete Pro shipments at the same time as Basic shipments, if not sooner.

If you have a Basic on order and haven’t received it yet, you can still upgrade - just send an email to The support team will credit the full value of your Basic towards the Pro. In fact, if you purchased early, you’ll get a bonus: instead of crediting the amount that you paid, we’ll credit you the current price of the Basic towards your upgrade. Upgrades are unfortunately not possible after your Basic has been shipped.
Jet Black Crumb Tray
I think the Glowforge unit looks amazing. But often people point at the crumb tray and say, “What happened there?!” As you use a laser, sap and soot from wood make it look like a small campfire was built right in the middle of your beautiful machine. It’s a shame because the crumb tray is an extremely expensive part - it’s ferrous steel instead of the typical aluminum grid. Even though the marks don’t impact your projects in any way, the design called for it to be jet black from the beginning. We just found the right supplier to make the switch.

Here’s a look at the difference. The new crumb tray is on top and the old crumb tray is on the bottom:

Upgraded engraving
Our software and design teams are always thinking of ways to squeeze more out of your Glowforge. We’ve been making improvements to our engraving quality and we thought the best way to demonstrate that was to find the 3D engrave that we shared in December and re-print it. You’ll see the original on the left, and the new version on the right - smoother, more accurate, and with better detail.

Now most people wouldn’t notice - they both look great from a few feet away. But we’re excited about the level of detail, precision, and beauty you’ll have available to you! And the software is constantly getting better.

Glowforge Basic, Pro, and Air Filter warranty
We’ve posted the final Glowforge limited warranty for the Glowforge Basic, Pro, and Air Filter. The details are at:

You can review it now to see how your Glowforge unit is covered from from tip to tail starting the moment it leaves our factory. We fully insure your shipment, so if something happens on the way to your doorstep, we’ll send you a new one. In the unlikely event that you have a problem, we’ll take care of it. We don’t charge any additional fees, and if you’re in the US, the warranty even pays for shipping to our repair center and back again.

Finally and most importantly, as the original pre-order purchaser of the product, you get an EXTRA six months of warranty coverage at no charge, beyond what’s described on the warranty page. That brings you to 12 months of coverage for the Basic and Air Filter and 18 months of coverage for the Pro – a level of coverage unavailable to anyone else.
New: Proofgrade™ warranty
We have another new announcement: Proofgrade materials are covered under a Glowforge limited warranty as well. This means that your $150 bonus pack of Proofgrade and any other Proofgrade materials you buy (for example, with you gift certificates) are covered too.

We’ve sourced the highest quality materials for our Proofgrade line, so we feel confident backing your materials up with this additional guarantee. You can read the details at
Air Filter
As you can imagine, a device responsible for removing smoke and odors from the air needs to be meticulously tested, and we’ve spared no expense in testing our Air Filter exhaustively. Unfortunately, that’s taken longer than originally slated, and our Air Filter production is running behind schedule.

While our Air Filters have been in development, we’ve been using these enormous, $3,000 industrial ventilators made of folded sheet metal in the office. I can’t tell you how excited we are to be getting rid of them. They take up floor space, make a ton of noise, and they stay on constantly. And if you do turn them off and then forget to turn them on before you print, your print will fail when the Glowforge detects that something’s wrong. We’re so happy to be making you something that just works.

And it’s not like it’s complicated to use, either. Your Glowforge has only one button, but the Air Filter doesn’t have any. It talks to your Glowforge to know the perfect fan speeds, runtimes, filter status, and more. It automatically powers itself down when it’s not needed. If you use Proofgrade material, the Air Filter can measure its airflow precisely to match the needs of your print. In fact, if your filter should ever be accidentally disconnected or unplugged, it coordinates with your Glowforge to pause the print while you set it right.


Design Catalog
If you watched our latest videos you might have caught a sneak peek of our soon-to-launch Design Catalog. We can’t wait to take it out of beta so you can try it.

We created Glowforge with the idea that it could be easier, faster, and better to make things than it is to go shopping. The catalog really brings that to life. You get one-click access to useful and customizable projects for you to print at a moment’s notice. These range from quick giftable items like jewelry and photo frames to practical pieces for your home, like desk organizers and bookends. Each design comes with easy to follow assembly instructions and links to how-to videos so that anyone can put them together successfully, regardless of artistic skill or handy-ness.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the Design Catalog, and (subsequently) the option to submit your own designs, is available.
Don’t Spam Filter Your Glowforge
We want to make absolutely sure that when your Glowforge is ready, you find out about it immediately. It’s easy to do this: just create a contact with the name “Glowforge” and the email address “”. (For extra credit, you could add too.) Here’s how you can do it:

How to add a contact in Gmail
How to add a contact in Outlook
How to add a contact on an iPhone
How to add a contact on an Android phone

Once you’ve done that, you can feel confident your shipping process will go smoothly. Here’s what happens when your Glowforge is ready to ship:

You’ll get an email from with the subject “Would you like your Glowforge now?”
You’ll read a detailed description of the product - one more time - to make absolutely sure it meets your needs and you’re ready to receive it. You’ll also read about any short-term delivery issues - for example, that deliveries of Pro and Basic units will arrive ahead of any Air Filter orders.
You’ll finish the process by telling us whether you’d like your Glowforge delivered now or whether you’d prefer to postpone the shipment - for example, if you’re travelling, moving, or want to wait for your Air Filter to be ready.
If you proceed, you’ll get a second email from with the subject “Your Glowforge is on its way (Glowforge Shipment Notification)”, which contains your tracking information so you can follow your Glowforge packages on their voyage to you.

You’ll spend a few days refreshing your tracking info until the moment those packages arrive on your doorstep!
What We’re Sending You
We get questions all the time about how your Glowforge shipment will arrive. For US customers, it will be delivered by UPS. It’s going to show up on your doorstep in three separate boxes:
Package 1: Your Glowforge
The first package is a large, suspiciously Glowforge-shaped box that will contain (surprise!) your Glowforge Basic or Pro, the laser head, and a power cord. You’ll need two people to move the box, as it weighs nearly 70 lbs. We’ve designed the packaging to make it easy to get the Glowforge out: with your friend, lift out the foam, lift out the Glowforge unit itself, and put it in place.

The box is specially designed to protect your Glowforge through all shipments, domestic and international. Be sure to keep the box and packing materials, as you’ll need them if you want to transport your Glowforge again or for any warranty repair.
Package 2: Accessories
The second, significantly smaller and shorter box will contain all your Glowforge accessories: the crumb tray, exhaust hose and lens magnet.

You’ll slide the crumb tray into your Glowforge and, if your Air Filter hasn’t arrived yet, you’ll put your 4” exhaust hose out a window. Store the lens magnet somewhere safe; you’ll use it to wipe off the laser focusing lens after every 40 hours of printing time.
Package 3: Proofgrade
Since you’re a pre-order customer, you’ll receive a third box containing $150 worth of premium Proofgrade materials to use with your Glowforge. Your shipment will come with a selection of materials like the following:

Four pieces of 6” x 12” medium hard maple boards (approx. 1/8" thick)
Five sheets of 12” x 20” prefinished medium hard maple plywood (approx. 1/8" thick)
One sheet of 12” x 20” maple hardwood veneer, with 3M tape adhesive (approx. 0.02” thick)
One sheet of 12” x 20” walnut veneer, with 3M tape adhesive (approx. 0.02” thick)
Two sheets of 12” x 20” medium clear acrylic (cast, transparent, glossy) (approx. 1/8” thick)
Two pieces of 5” x 10” standard natural vegetable tanned leather (2-3 oz)

Proofgrade materials come with a white protective layer that preserves the surface finish during the printing process. When you’re done, it peels right off to reveal your design. Each piece of material also comes coded so that your Glowforge recognizes it automatically and offers you easy Proofgrade settings for cuts or engraves.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to love using them, but… don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“When I first read about Proofgrade, I laughed. Thought it was the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. But after using it I am going to have to eat those words. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: Fire and forget. Load web page. Upload vector/raster. Pick what you want to do. Cut, Engrave or Score. Load Proofgrade. Click print. Press button. Madness. Absolute madness. This is my wife’s favorite feature. Hands down.”

While it doesn’t make up for our delay, please know that for your incredible patience, we will be gifting you with:

$150 of premium Proofgrade materials. We think this is the very best way to get started with your Glowforge, and we’re confident you’re going to love what they can do.
A $20 gift certificate per month of delay, which we’ll calculate and credit to your account at the time your Glowforge Basic or Pro is ready. This money can be used towards purchases in the Proofgrade store or the Glowforge design catalog.
On top of that, you’ll get a $50 gift certificate for the Glowforge design catalog.
As a Glowforge Founder, you’ll also get a 10% discount on Proofgrade materials and in the Design catalog.
We’re extending that 10% Founder discount for another full year, until the end of 2018.
A $50 gift certificate from Inventables, so you can try out their unusual materials like glitter acrylic and veneer inlays.
Access to every design for every product we showed in our video, free, as we add them to the catalog and…
An extra 6 months on your warranty - extending your Glowforge Basic and Air Filter coverage to 12 months and your Glowforge Pro to 18 months warranty.
Getting Started Learning
As soon as you get your tracking information, you can go to and read the setup instructions so you’re ready to go. We try to make it as quick and easy as possible to go from the moment you open your box to when you’re finished with your first print - customers report spending 30 minutes or less.

In the meantime,on our Community Forum “Tips & Tutorials” section, Glowforge customers like you have begun creating tutorials for a huge variety of software packages. Here are a few to get you started:
Building a box with Fusion 360
Tracing bitmaps with Adobe Illustrator
Circular text in CorelDRAW
Combining vector images with photos and bitmaps in Inkscape
Creating joints in OnShape
Cleaning up images in Photoshop
What You’re Waiting For
We know it’s been a long time in coming, and the wait is almost over. Here are a few things to give you a sense of how awesome it’s going to be when your Glowforge arrives in the next few months.

This wall planter, made from Proofgrade cherry plywood and transparent gloss acrylic, would look right at home in an HGTV home makeover special. (read more)

This engraving, created from a friend’s artwork, was a Day 1 project for a Glowforge owner. It was honored with an Editor’s Choice award at Maker Faire in the 3D Printing area. (read more)

Our beta program’s resident cosplay connoisseur works fulltime as a props and costume mistress with the aid of her Glowforge. Her one-of-a-kind prop weapons also earned her an Editor’s Choice award at Maker Faire in the cosplay area. (read more)

And finally, some of our most competitive customers decided to see just how far they could stretch our precision camera and engrave ability claims. And well…yup. That’s a grain of rice. (read more)
The Last Mile
This is a strange email to write. In the past, it was simple: we failed everyone because we just weren’t done yet. Today, we’re shipping customers Basic units, which makes us delighted. But we’re not shipping fast enough, which means we’re still not living up to our commitments, and that makes us feel terrible.

We’re almost there. Stretching the last deliveries out over another few months breaks my heart. I want you to have your Glowforge right now. If you need to cancel before the end, I apologize and we’ll take care of it right away - just email us at If not, know that we’re dedicated every day to making right on our commitments to every customer: Basic, Pro, Air Filter, International and Domestic.

You’re going to make amazing things. Production lines are rolling, units are shipping, and the product is everything we’d hoped it would be.

It’s been a long wait (and a long email), but you’re almost at the end of both.

Thank you for seeing this through. I can’t wait to send you your Glowforge.


(Paul Harvey) #10

Link with pictures & formatting here:

(Paul Harvey) #11

Hi Paul Harvey,

Production of Glowforge units is in full swing, and we’re working through the last two years of pre-orders to get to your 10/21/2015 order of a Glowforge Basic. Unfortunately, we’re not doing it quickly enough to hit the schedule we shared in the June update.

We’ve worked with our production team to forecast delivery for all shipments, domestic and international, and calculate the estimated date on which your shipping process will begin. This date is specific to your order, and we will update this date regularly as we obtain new information. It reflects the very latest compliance and logistics information on shipping to Australia from our international shipping consultants.

You can now find the shipping estimate for your Glowforge Basic on your Account Page on
To find your ship date:
Go to and click SIGN IN at the top of the page
Sign in with, enter your password, and click the teal “sign in” button
You will land on your Referrals page. From there, click on your email address in the upper right hand side of the page to land on
You’ll see your estimated shipping notification date on the right hand side.

Since the wait is longer than you expected, we’re going to make sure you get some of the benefits we’ve made available to our earliest customers. That includes:
• We decided to give you an extra 6 months of warranty for a total of 12 months warranty for your Glowforge Basic.

• We’re giving you a $20/month credit for delays. You can use this in our newly launched Design Catalog or Proofgrade shop to buy designs, materials, or even spare parts.
• We’re giving you a $50 Design Catalog gift certificate that you’ll also receive when your unit ships.
• We’re sending you a free package full-sized premium Proofgrade materials worth over $150.
• Speaking of Proofgrade, we also added a limited warranty to all of our Proofgrade materials.
• If you’d like to try out even more materials, you can use the $50 Inventables gift certificate that we’ll also be sending you.
• You’ll get access to the designs for every Glowforge-made product we showed in our launch video, free of cost, as we add them to our catalog.
• Finally, as Glowforge Founder, you’ll also get a 10% discount on Proofgrade materials and in the Design catalog through the end of 2018.

This is tough. We know this isn’t the email you hoped to receive from us. It’s not the one we hoped to send. Of course, if this shipping timeline doesn’t work for you, you always have the option to cancel your order at any time before we’ve collected your shipping address.

But we’re almost there, and the product is amazing - we can’t wait to ship you your Glowforge.

(Paul Harvey) #12

Here’s our shipping estimate

(Paul Harvey) #13

Another update

Hi Paul Harvey,

We’ve been shipping thousands of units and your turn is coming up soon. As we close out our pre-order campaign, we’re preparing to end all our upgrades and raise our prices.

If you are satisfied with the Glowforge Basic you’re scheduled to receive, great news - you can delete this email. :slight_smile:

If you’ve been considering an upgrade to Glowforge Pro, though, that option ends in 13 days. At that date, we’re disabling our upgrade capabilities and all prices are going up 33%. As we finish out our crowdfunding campaign deliveries, we’re removing upgrade functionality from our website. At the same time, we’ll be increasing prices to $8,000 for Glowforge Pro + Air Filter and $4,000 for Glowforge Basic. Both of these changes will go into effect Thursday, December 14.

I think you’ll be delighted with a Basic, but want to be sure you have a chance to upgrade to the Pro features if they are better for you:

A 20” Pro passthrough slot on the front and back of the printer to print large objects like furniture

A more powerful Pro tube and improved Pro optics

About 20% faster cutting speed do to higher laser output power

Advanced Pro cooling for the ability to operate continuously in higher temperatures

An increased 18-month warranty (exclusively for founding customers like you)

The Air Filter is included (available separately for the Basic)

Pro-specific software, with more coming

Information and equipment to use your Pro safely around children and the public

No extra shipping fees

Earlier delivery (the factory is producing Pro units at a higher rate right now)

If you decide to opt for the Pro, you can do it online here:

Either way, we can’t wait to get you your Glowforge!

  • dan

PS: Some customers will not be able to upgrade at Should that happen, please contact and let them know that you would like to upgrade before December 14.

Saturday 9th December, End of Year BBQ - 12 Noon with AGM at 2pm
(Ben Paton) #14

Has there been any further word on this yet? I have seen some on social media which got me wondering

(Paul Harvey) #15

My last email is from 2017-12-02, telling us that upgrades are expiring. Now I have to go look on social media…

(Paul Harvey) #16

… well, it looks like people in the US have started receiving them, I hope they’ll be asking for international delivery addresses soon.

(Paul Harvey) #17

For some reason I wasn’t emailed this update:

It’s saying they’re already shipping international orders, starting with EU customers. They’re dealing with exports into other countries gradually. I guess I’ll figure out how to login to our “glowforge account”…

(Paul Harvey) #18

Ok! Current estimate is 2018-05-09: glowforge

Ping @jambulance @devdsp @tpack @crashman39 @Amr_Tawfik

(Steve Kennedy) #19

Awesome thats good news

(Paul Harvey) #20

Oh dear. It now says shipping 2018-07-04.