Gate chain?

(Ben Paton) #1

Hello all,

This is a message I got from orienteering ACT. Does anyone know anything?

“Hello Make Hack Void,
I was around at the compound about 1PM today to return some equipment.
the chain and ALL the padlocks on the main gate were missing. the gate was neatly shut and nothing else in the compound seemed to be out of place. We had a look in and around the compound, including the bins, but found nothing. The chain and locks were there yesterday. My first guess is that someone had trouble locking a padlock and has taken the lot away for an attempted repair!
I have put an unlocked chain around the gate.
I am checking through all of our keyholders, but do you know anything about it?

(Jamie Reid) #2

Thanks @Rurik. I’m on the case.

(ian) #3

Is it another break in?

(Ben Paton) #4

I don’t know but I will head over to the space tonight and have a look.

(Ben Paton) #5

Just at the space now and there is a new chain done as a daisy config.

(Steve Kennedy) #6

are the locks the same ?

(Ben Paton) #7

I don’t know about the rest but the door key still opened one

(Amr Tawfik) #8

Just tried and couldn’t get in the gate chain. Did the padlock change in the last few weeks?
EDIT: Just heard the lock is a bit fiddly and that you need to not put the key all the way in and give it a little jiggle.

(Steve Kennedy) #10

I had np opening on wednesday night :grinning:

(Jamie Reid) #11

Hey All, Apologies for not posting sooner. I ended up organising the new chain and locks. We had one spare keyed alike padlock left, so I used it - as you’ve discovered it’s a bit fiddly.

(Steve Kennedy) #12

Thanks for doing that jamie